Using attentive matters of FAG taper roller bearing lubricator

When the bearing is installed, can choose methods such as machinery, heating or hydraulic pressure,etc. to go on according to its type and size. But can not beat the roller bearing circle of the taper, retainer, rolling element or seal directly under any circumstance. The effort exerted to FAG bearing while installing, can’t enclose from a bearing and transmit to another bearing and enclose through the rolling element definitely, otherwise may cause damage to the ball track.

First of all: The first is two apparatus of the fuel tanks, make use of it fully, switch over regularly, the reserve oil tank is washed, the fluid intensifies and precipitates, the water diversion of absolute oil.

Second, the intersection of fuel tank and planted agent set up, answer the oil district outgass board – reduces, Come on, bludgon into; – the iron machine is mixed in absorbing, answering in the oil district in the device of the magnetic grating; The suitable position sucks the oil below the floating cargo oil suction – liquid level; Automatic bailer or the alarm device soaked with water – precipitate and separate effluent to discharge in time; Dynamic liquid level control – let out calling the police or interlock to a large amount of sudden fluid.

Third, offer high oil filtering precision, generally require filtering precision to reach 10- 20μ m in order to guarantee the cleaning degree of oil.

Fourth, for the oil pressure to keep invariable, the lubricated system work pressure control device should have high degree of sensitivity and precision, avoid producing the pressure drop of the job, causes some lubricating system to supply the oil insufficiently because of the voltage variation, abrasion and sintering of the oil film FAG bearing happen.

Fifth, the volume of fuel tank should be 35- 40 times of the discharge capacity per minute of an oil pump, some are even older. In cases the high oil level runs, long detention precipitates time enough to guarantee the fluid in the fuel tank.

Sixth, pressure pot in the lubricating system must run normally, control reasonably to fill the value of a quantity of the oil flow and inner liquid level of pot, give to some buffer system pressure fluctuations and supply of the oil-source of meeting an urgent need.

Seventh, for the adaptive control of a temperature of oil to guarantee to offer the degree of viscosity of fluid of oil among 40± 2 ℃.

Eighth, filter must arrange and switch over the taper roller bearing while filtering tube to the limit after the remaining air.

Enclose the taper roller bearing clearance fitted, propose cooperating with thin anticreep of a layer caustic of topcoat, in case produced fretting corrosion between the fitting surface.

Accurate installation, it is very important to use of FAG bearing. Hope everybody can use the accurate method of erection in the use afterwards.

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