Type price of producer’s specification of secret service bearing of 62192R2 bearing

” secret service TG ” Take the lead in authorizing through ISO9001 international quality system, we firmly believe it is the fundamental guarantee of producing the accurate bearing that advanced production equipment and good product are accused of, the company has set up the bearing first-class in trade production equipment facilities in the world; First-class mechanism of management of production; First-class detection experiment, platform of research and development of products; The first-class one rubs ultra production line and automatic assembly line automatically, and set up the strict one from confirmation of materials procurement, process quality control, put in storage and examined a whole set of to check routine after all to the finished product, set up successive check, through the quality control of the initiative, have realized ” zero ” The fault, has guaranteed ” special TG ” Remarkable quality of the bearing.

” special TG ” In order to adapt to the competition of the fierce market of international bearing day by day, adjust the marketing tactics, improve the cost performance of the products, improve the system after sale, hold the first chance of the market, through participating in the international large-scale bearing fair, promote the international influence of enterprises and the products, expand exchange and cooperation; Set up international marketing network at the same time, until ” whether market direction of enterprise, quality life of enterprise ” Idea last international market,last foreign trade volume of export break-through of realizing historical.

6219-2R2 deep ditch ball bearing parameter, specification, 6219-2R2 (95*170*32mm)

Bearing type: Deep ditch ball bearing

Our country’s new type: 6219-2R2

Internal diameter (mm) : 95mm ( 3.7402in)

External diameter (mm) : 170mm ( 6.6929in)

Width (mm) : 32mm ( 1.2598in)

Weight (KG) : 2.62

Basic specified dead load (kN) : 82.8 (8448.98KG)

Basic amount moves load (kN) : 110 (11224.49KG)

Lubricated rotational speed (r/min) of the lipoprotein : 3600

Lubricated rotational speed (r/min) of oil : 4500

The name of product: Type price of producer’s specification of secret service bearing of 6219-2R2 bearing New type: 6219-2R2 old type: -Internal diameter: 95( mm) External diameter: 170( mm) Weight: 2.62( kg) Bearing material: Carburization bearing steel (surface hardening type) Use: Common Type: Deep ditch ball bearing

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