Top 608 specialized bearing, 606 mix pottery, r188 bearing gold plating to reduce pressure in inter-finger triangularly

17666083440 products measurement: 22* thick 7mm function parameters that 8* is outside inside: Retainer and material: J steel plate rams the column number of rolling element: Uniline’s rolling element type: The sphere roller weight: 12( kg) Bearing material: The accuracy class of bearing steel of high-carbon chromium: P0 rolling element: The ball track type of the steel ball: The ball track Sealing Cover of the major groove: There is no sealed use: The common Wanyuan bearing Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen one specializes in, designs, produces the manufacturing company of the accurate miniature bearing. Our company specializes in and sells the miniature bearing of the internal diameter 1-500mm, the classification has ball bearing of major groove, the ball bearing of cente adjusting, the roller bearing of cente adjusting, thrust roller bearing, the cylindrical roller bearing of thrust, thrust sphere roller bearing, combination bearing, the angle contacts the ball bearing, the metric system, British system bearing, nonstandard bearing are ordered. The gyration of 200-2200mm supports the bearing, does the classification has teeth-formula, internal-gear type, external tooth type, the flange type, national standard, nonstandard bearing are ordered. The bearing material is divided into: Bearing steel, stainless steel, plastics, pottery, mixing the ball, Tao Su’s framing member. Use the trade. Used in the car, the robot, model aeroplane and model ship motor, the printer trade, electrical machinery, the instrument of the instrument, cooling-down fan, electric tool, electronic toothbrush, machinery, apparatus of the cleaner, medical equipment, food machinery, daily home furnishing electrical home appliances, chemical industry, boiler apparatus, marine corrosion apparatus, electronic device, assembly line apparatus, aviation,etc. apparatus and massage apparatus,etc. medium and high-grade goodses financial, the company can also order various special bearings according to the customer’s different uses and requirement. The precision is from ABEC-1 to ABEC-9, the products are with the high rotational speed, high precision, low friction, with low noise, long life is remarkable. The products find a good sale in more than 60 countries or regions, the products, in order to respond to the request that the customer is individualized, lay a firm foundation in order to exploit market. Shenzhen Wanyuan bearing Co., Ltd. lies in latitude a West Road of east town industrial park of Buddhist nunnery of Cixi of Zhejiang Province producing groups, only 6 kilometers from the bridge spanning the sea of gulf of Hangzhou, communications and transportation is convenient. Company establish on will it be the beginning 2000, sell to U.S.A., since establishment company above the 90% product, market-oriented all the time, take sincere service as the purpose, regard quality as the life, make great efforts to strengthen enterprise’s autogenous hardware and software construction. The company covers an area of 30000 square meters, with a construction area of 28000 square meters, have introduced 80 multiterm automatic production lines, have allocated a series of domestic and advanced specialized checkout equipment of bearing. Annual production capacity is reachable more than 98 million sets, the products sell well in every city of the whole country, and find a good sale in America and Europe, Southeast Asia etc, trusted by domestic and foreign users. The company has been carrying on oneself sound and improving according to ISO9000 quality system requirement all the time since setting-up, carry out and implement ISO/TS16949 in an all-round way since 2003: ISO14001 quality / Environment Management System, and obtain ISO/TS16949 and ISO14001 quality / environmental system in 2005, 2007 respectively to authorize the certificate. Company’s quality / environmental policy: Pursue being outstanding: People, environment, products! Company’s management aim: Good staff, good products, enterprises are good, Hello! Contact of Co., Ltd. of the bearing of Wanyuan of Shenzhen: Wang just revitalized the mobile phone: 13423777989 telephone numbers: 0755-61930861 faxes: 0755-84896681 addresses: The homepage of Longgang District Pearl River square A3 9H Company of Shenzhen:

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