Tonghua SKF bearing SKF bearing service trader 630092RS1 bearing guarantees the normal product

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Swedish SKF group was established in 1907, the general headquarters set up in the Gothic fort of Sweden, it was the bearing science and technology and leader making it. Pay much attention to product quality, technology developing and market development from the beginning. The group invests enormous strength to carry on technological research and product development, is obtaining various inventions and creating constantly, open the new standard in the bearing technical field, put out the new products to the market of bearing. SKF is the flagship of rolling bearing industry of the world, the feeler dealing in has already spread all over the whole world, the business spreads all over 130 countries of world, produces more than 500 million bearings every year, connections spread all over the world. There are 200 branch companies, 80 factories, 41000 staff and 8000 agents and distributors at present. SKF also produces and sells bearing steel and other high-quality special steel. In addition, SKF group is also devoted to research and development of the bearing industry continuously, a new patent comes out averagely every two days. SKF group is the first bearing company authorized through ISO14001 environmental protection too, this authorizes and contains 17 countries and amounts to more than 60 manufacture units.

SKF deep ditch ball bearing

Deep ditch ball bearing (Deep Groove BallBearings) of SKF uniline It is the most ordinary kind of type in rolling bearing. The deep ditch ball bearing of the basic model is by an outer lane, an inner circle, a group of steel balls keep the shelf constructed with one group, the deep ditch ball bearing type code is 6.

Basic type

The basic type of SKF deep ditch ball bearing has turning on type, pair that wear and seal enclosing or one pair of dustproof lids wearing type, in the need that is produced, taking the sealed bearing can hold the cannelure which seals enclosing or dustproof lid on the outer lane, can also supply as the turning on bearing.

Public errand

The deep ditch ball bearing of SKF uniline of the basic type adopts the ordinary public errand. So long as users need, we can offer and make the bearing with stricter public errand.

Backlash of the bearing

The deep ditch ball bearing of SKF uniline of the basic type adopts the basic backlash group. Can be according to needing to offer the bearing of bigger backlash.

Keep the shelf

Contain the stencil plate and pressing and keeping the shelf in the type without keeping SKF deep ditch ball bearing of the basic type of a suffix. The brass entity that the deep ditch ball bearing with suffix M has steel balls to guide keeps the shelf in the type.

To hitting

Because SKF deep ditch ball bearing adjusts heart ability automatically limitedly, it is good to need the bearing to install the concentricity of sitting, it will influence the stationarity of operating that concentricity is not good, increase the stress of the bearing, thus shorten the service life of the bearing. In order to keep the additional stress on the bearing in allowing the range, SKF deep ditch ball bearing can only allow very small leaning towards the corner, this depends on the load size too.

Allow the rotational speed

SKF bearing in some cases, consulting the rotational speed may exceed the terminal rotational speed. The heat that produces through determining maximumly while allowing the working speed, to consider the particular condition of work.

Heat can work at a temperature higher than 150 ¡æ in the department after dealing with SKF deep ditch ball bearing heat treatment. The intersection of outer lane and diameter greater than bearing of 240mm, can work at a temperature higher than 200 ¡æ ‘ Notice the use of the sealed bearing limiting) .

Have wide use range

It is dark in SKF most representative in ditch ball bearing rolling bearing? ? ? The way is extensive. Suitable for the operation of the even extremely high rotational speed of the high rotational speed, and very durable, do not need to safeguard frequently. The coefficient of friction of ball bearing of SKF deep ditch is small, the terminal rotational speed is high, simple in construction, the manufacturing cost is low, it is apt to reach and make precision higher. Size range and form are changed variously, apply to trades such as accurate instrument, electrical machinery, car, lathe motorcycle and general machinery with low noise,etc., use the most extensive kind of bearing in the mechanical industry. Mainly bear radial load, can also bear a certain amount of axial load.

The name of product: [63009-2RS1 bearing of SKF bearing service trader of Tonghua SKF bearing ] ] guarantees the new type of the normal product: 63009-2RS1 old type: 63009-2RS1 internal diameter: 45( mm) External diameter: 75( mm) Weight: 0.34( kg) Bearing material: High-temperature bearing steel use: Common Type: Deep ditch ball bearing

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