To Explore the Application of Huizhou Architectural Graphic Symbol Elements in the Design of Cultural and Creative Products

Huizhou architecture is still shining on the stage of Chinese culture after 100 years of vicissitudes, and it is closely related to its unique and rich regional culture. In view of the fact that cultural and creative products are very similar and very different in different parts of the country, the article analyzes the two aspects of two-dimensional graphic symbol elements and three-dimensional modeling symbol elements in Huizhou's architectural graphic symbol elements, and analyzes the artistic conception contained in Huizhou's architecture. Through an in- depth study of the symbolic elements of Huizhou architecture, this paper analyzes the connotation features of Huizhou architectural elements and applies them to the design of cultural and creative products, which has important significance for innovation of cultural and creative products and the development of Huizhou cultural heritage.