TIMKEN taper, HH953749/HH953710 of bearing, get away sub bearing

Structure of the sub bearing and size precision of the assembly that the taper made in Great Britain rolls and rotating the precision and is different from the metric system bearing. Used for importing the trade of the machinery or special requirement more.
Made in Great Britain taper roll sub bearing refer to external dimension its get away sub bearing for the intersection of unit and taper measured to go on according to inch, come from the country of Great Britain and America;
The new serial number is made up of five parts of letter and figure:
Part one —Prefix letter
The prefix letter is made up of 1-2 letters, is used for expressing the rank of operating mode of the bearing of the design.
EL: Extremely light
LL: It is light to add
L: Light
LM: Middle light
M: Medium-sized
HM: China is heavy-duty
H: Heavy-duty
HH: Aggravating type
EH: Overweight type
T: Stop pushing the bearing specializedly
Part two —Angle code
The figure of primary importance behind of prefix letter is exposed to the angle code on behalf of the outer lane.
Part three —Basic serial serial numbers
The rearward face second, three or four digits of prefix letter shows the corresponding basic series.
Part four —Part number
The intersection of prefix and 5 or 6 digits behind the letter, namely last two digits, say the intersection of bearing and actual serial number of part.
That outer lane number in 19 figure any ‘ Includes 10 and 19) Expression.
Inner circle number from 30 to 49 the intersection of China and Germany and any figure ‘ Includes 30 and 49) Expression. As to the bearings of any series, the first inner circle of the minimum section is with 49 serial numbers.
Part five —Suffix
The single taper rolls the sub bearing has an outer lane, inner circle and a group of toper of it roll the son is kept the shelf including into an inner circle assembly by the basket shape. The outer lane can be separated with the inner circle assembly, according to the regulation of standard of the sub bearing external dimension of rolling of ISO taper, the taper of any standard type rolls the sub bearing outer lane or inner circle assembly should be able to realize international exchange with the outer lane or inner circle assembly of the same type. Namely department size, tolerance need to accord with ISO492( GB307) except the outer lane of the same type Stipulate outside, the taper angle of the inner circle assembly, diameter of cone of assembly,etc. must accord with the relevant regulations exchanged too.
Usually, uniline’s taper rolls the sub bearing outer lane rolls in the taper angle of one before 10 degree 19 degree, can bear the union function that the bearing is loaded to load and radial at the same time. The bigger the angle of awl is, it is the greater to bear axially loaded ability. Large the intersection of taper and bearing of corner, rearmounted code add B, awl corner, between 25 degree 29 degree, it can bear larger axial load. In addition, uniline’s taper rolls the sub bearing can adjust the size of the backlash in installation.
Pair list taper, roll sub outer lane of bearing ‘ Or inner circle) It is a whole. Liang piece inner circle ( Or outer lane) Small terminal surface close, the middle have separate, enclose, backlash by come on, change through thickness that is enclose, can also with come, adjust through thickness that enclose pair list taper, roll to pass, full of in advance sub bearing.
Four taper get away sub bearing
Bearing TIMKEN four tapers of Temkin roll the sub bearing is divided into:
Temkin TQO ( Four associations of straight hole) Bearing,
Temkin TQOW ( Take the terminal surface of inner circle and lubricate the trough TQO) Bearing
Temkin TQITS ( Four rows Inner hole of taper Make up) Bearing
Temkin TQITSE (TQIT, tape epitaxy inner circle) Bearing.
There are four to roll the son this kind of bearing, can bear the great radial load and and can bear the two-way axial load, the terminal rotational speed is relatively low. It is very extensive to employ on various cold hot-rolling mills. Bearing internal diameter and roll roller adopt the transition to cooperate directly. Axial size of backlash, roll sub bearing to taper could normal work relationship great, the backlash passes for hour, Wen Sheng is relatively high; Have larger backlashes, bearing easy to damage, during installation should pay special attention to three outer lane, two inner circle, two separate, enclose, separate enclose dispatch from the factory and typing the serial number in the one outside, don’t hold by mistake.
Four taper roll sub bearing main the intersection of roll and bearing one of, the intersection of bearing and radial this kind of and loaded ability relatively large axially, the loaded ability of the radial is about 3 times of the uniline, can bear larger two-way axial load, but does limit rotate? ? It is relatively low. It can limit the axle ‘ Or outer cover) The axial displacement of two directions within the range of axial backlash of the bearing, so can be used as making a reservation two-wayly axially. Can be through the foot-path where the thickness adjusts the bearing, axial backlash through enclosing in the change, between the outer lanes.
Four tapers roll the sub bearing is used mainly in the job roller of hot-rolling mill and cold calender, and opened roll of the base machine,etc.. Because it is convenient to demand to load and unload, usually cooperate as the interval with the roller neck. The taper rolls the sub bearing generally adopts the stencil plate to press and keep the shelf, when the size is larger, adopting the pillar keeps the shelf.
The name of product: The new type of the sub bearing of rolling of TIMKEN bearing HH953749/HH953710 taper: HH953749/HH953710 old type: -Internal diameter: 254.0000( mm) External diameter: 533.4( mm) Weight: 0.000( kg) Bearing material: High-carbon chromium bearing steel (quench completely type completely) (GCr15) Use: Common Type: Sub bearing of the taper roller

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