The two-bank angle contacts the characteristic of the ball bearing


Use the two-bank angle which rams the steel plate retainer to be exposed to the suffix about retainer of the ball bearing without. It use have machine process more leading brass from steel ball by entity the bearings of retainer with behind M show the most. The suffix MA means using by the leading retainer bearing of brass entity of the outer lane. Use polyamide 66 retainers of glass-fiber reinforcement ‘ Suffix TVH or TVP Bearing under steady without being lasted 120 ℃temperature. If the bearing adopts the oil lubricating method, additive then in the oil may shorten the life time of the retainer. In addition, the aging oil may shorten the life time of the bearing too under the high temperature, periodic regulation that so must strictly observe and change oil.

Allow the rotational speed

Under the appropriate working condition, the bearing rotational speed may be higher than consulting the rotational speed, but can not be higher than the number value of the terminal rotational speed. While confirming heat allows the rotational speed, should fully consider the influence of the special work environment.

Heat treatment

Heat -treated FAG two-bank angle can work to contact the ball bearing at ℃150 continuously. If the retainer uses the polyamide material, then the operating temperature should be limited by retainer. The sealed bearing will be limited by seal requirement.

Sealed bearing

Except that the two-bank angle of open system contacts the ball bearing, pair wear Model ZR dust cap non-contact type to seal And pair wears the seal ring of Model RSR ‘ It is sealed that contact-type Horn exposed to by ball bearing and offer FAG structural styles basic. This kind of bearing has already packed the high-quality grease tested in the works strictly by FAG. If necessary, can also offer the lateral hermetic bearing. Adopt non-contact type to seal the bearing ‘ Suffix. 2ZR Rotating ratios terminal open system bearing low

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