The Transformation Opportunity of the Public Sphere In the Internet Era

The public sphere is a field of opinion between the public power sphere and the private sphere,which takes the interaction of public discourse as a mechanism and tries to construct a moral force that guarantees the publicity of public power.In the era of traditional media,the public sphere has been subject to variation due to the coercion of the political and commercial power"empowered"by traditional media.The advent of the internet era and its very different modes of communication from traditional media bring the gospel for the transformation of the public sphere.Through analysis,we find that cyberspace meets the three basic components of the public sphere:the free public based on the relative separation between the public power and the private sphere,cyberspace as an equal and free exchange platform,the network discourse and consensus formed under the faded erosion of political and commercial factors.In this sense,the internet era and cyberspace indeed become an opportunity for transformation of the public sphere.