The Tension and Dynamic Features of ‘Developing’——Why the Historical Orientation of the Primary Stage of Socialism is ‘Unchanged’

The primary stage of socialism is a particular concept that is historically linked to the developing state of the country.This characteristic is characterized by tension and dynamics,which constitute the endogenous motive force and restriction factor of the development at the present stage.Comprehensively grasping the historical orientation of the primary stage of socialism can be carried out from the following three dimensions:First,the historical base and practice field,that is,the macro background of Chinese socialist construction practice,constitutes the space-time carrier of its theory and practice;the second is the core objective and dynamic characteristics,that is,the developing nature of the primary stage of socialism,which determines its central task and basic line;the third is the overall task and historical mission,namely socialist modernization,which outlines the goal and direction of getting rid of the developing state.From this perspective,it is helpful to understand the essence of the unchanging of the new era from a macro aspect.The new era is the result of overcoming,sublimating and surpassing the state of developing,and thus does not deviate from the analytical framework of the primary stage of socialism,and this feature will be resolved historically with the development of the times.