The Light Element X Fluorescence Measurement Software Based on C# and C + +

In order to save the software development cycle and improve the efficiency of software which introduces a kind of light elements X fluorescence measurement software based on a mix of C# and C + +. The software uses a lightweight database SQLite to storage configuration parameters, spectrum information, other information and displays the measured spectrum with the third party ZedGraph graph control, convenient for data management and promotes the friendly interface display. The underlying software is based on C + + encapsula- ted SQLite and serial interface dynamic library, the upper level does interface in C# to improve the stability and efficiency of the system etc. The software completed parameters configuration, example automatic changer, timing measurement, spectrum processing, data storage and other functions. The software designs friendly interface, convenient operation, high stability which has been successfully used in the field of light elements X fluorescence measurement analysis. Through experimental analysis, the software is proven to meet the requirements of the field and reliable to use.