The force line excellent PC of transparent Jacque is transparent and excellent to polish the bubble round bar of one gram of strength to process

Inferior gram force has high-clarity, the light transmittance is up to 92%, there is crystalline good reputation of plastic. And have extremely good weather ability, apply to outdoor especially, occupy other the first of plastic, and have good surface hardness and gloss concurrently, process big plasticity, can be made into various required shapes and products. The color various in style of another planking is enriched (including half a diaphanous color disc) ,Another characteristic is that the thick plank can still maintain the high-clarity.

Have wide use range

? 1.The building is employed: The show window, sound insulation doors and windows, daylighting are covered, telephone box,etc.

2.The advertisement employs: Lamp house, signboard, sign, exhibition frame,etc.
3.The traffic is employed: Vehicle doors and windows,etc. such as the train, car,etc.
4.Medical science is employed: Baby’s child care case, medical apparatus civil product of various operations: Sanitary ware facilities, the handicraft, cosmetics, support, aquarium,etc.
5.Industrial application: Board of surface of the instrument and protecting cover,etc.
6.The illumination is employed: Daylight lamp, pendant lamp, street lamp shade,etc.

? Resin glass / excellent specification of inferior gram force:




The price of different specifications is different.

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