The expression of the new planting of new sugarcane varieties in the Baise cane region of the 5th round of the country integration demonstration

【Objective】To screen out new sugarcane varieties adapted to different ecological regions,and to provide scientific basis for spreading new sugarcane varieties in various locations.【Method】The new planting experiment of integrated demonstration varieties in 2017 was carried out. The agronomic and economic characters of nine new sugarcane varieties were investigated and analyzed systematically.【Conclusion】 The comprehensive performance of five varieties,such as Guitang 40,Guitang 44,Yuegan 43,Funong 07- 3206,Funong 09-4095,was better than that of ROC22 (ck),propagation demonstration can be carried out in Baise sugarcane area.【Suggestion】Further study on five varieties of Guitang 40,Guitang 44,Yuegan 43 Funong 07-3206,Funong 09-4095,were tested for their root performance.