The Design Philosophy and General Technical Features of HPR1000

HPR1000 is an advanced nuclear power plant satisfying the Gen III nuclear safety codes and standards. It incorporates advanced design features including an active and passive safety design philosophy, single unit layout, CF3 fuel assemblies, 177 fuel assembly core, double containment, comprehensive severe accident prevention and mitigation measures, improved emergency response capability. The design includes appropriate measures and adequate margins to protect the plant from external beyond-design-basis events such as earthquakes, flooding and large commercial aircraft crashes. Various new design features such as CIS, PRS system, passed the experimental activities and verification test successfully which has been carried out over several years. The safety issues, which have drawn extensive attentions after the Fukushima accident, have also been addressed with specific measures. Along with the balance of safety and economy, unification of advancement and maturity, combination of active and passive design of HPR1000, each indicator is in line with the latest requirements of domestic and international authorities and fulfilling the clean energy needs of the domestic and foreign consumer.