The Background, Dialectical Logic and Contemporary Value of Xi Jinping’s Network Governance Discussion

Since the 18 th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Xi Jinping has accurately grasped the regularity and characteristics of the development of the Internet in contemporary China, and put forward a series of new discussions, new thought and new ideas on network governance. He deeply answered the proposition of "why should we govern network " and "how to govern the network" in the new era. Based on the new situation of the Internet development in the new era and the new trend of the world’ s Internet development,Xi Jinping’s network governance discussion, starting from promoting the development of network benefiting the people and building the network space a cooperation and sharing community of common destiny, emphasizes the combination of Internet development and network security, insisting on the unity of the party spirit and the people’s nature, connect the strategy of " the network powerful nation" and the global governance of the Internet, which have formed a unique network governance concept with Chinese characteristics. Xi Jinping’s discussion of network governance provides a scientific guide for China’s network development in the new era, and provides China’s plan for the fast and good development of the world’s Internet.