The angle is exposed to the real-time failure diagnostic system of the ball bearing

Horn exposed to the intersection of ball bearing and the intersection of real-time failure and diagnostic system include the intersection of hardware and part and the intersection of software and part mainly

1 The part of the hardware: Mainly use and imitate resonance demodulation technique of the circuit implementation [3-4 ] and digital signal processing circuit design. The intersection of impact and signal that trouble produce bring about resonance in hardware resonator, modulate to the resonance signal to reach high frequency faint the intersection of impact and signal through sympathetic response of resonator, reused the demodulation way to high-frequency SIGPROC signal processing, and then obtained a resonance demodulation wave which rejects obstacle of vibration of low frequency, therefore achieve the goal of diagnosing accurately. Finally after signal passing A/D is changed, and then send into DSP and vary FFT.

2 The part of the software: Mainly based on DSP to recognition and diagnosis that vibration signal carries on the symptom after the demodulation of resonance. DSP changes the digital signal that AD conveys frequently while going on, gets the spectrogram which shakes the signal, system can the intersection of automated analysis and frequency spectrum, and conclusion of drawing fault locationing, the intersection of trouble and type, severity,etc. reveal through LCD.

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