The angle is exposed to the determination of the running speed of the ball bearing

While producing, the antifriction bearing has a limit at the speed of runtime. This limit speed is contacted the material of the part of the ball bearing to presume by the operating temperature or angle of lubricant.

There is open horn in the regular backlash that contacts the ball bearing and uses for the grease lubrication horn and contacts the ball bearing:

Lubricant: Contain the regular lithium soap grease lubrication of mineral group oil, the degree of viscosity in 40 degrees Centigrade is from 100 to 200mm2/s such as ISO VG 150 The angle contacts the ball bearing reference burning

Goods in process express China list ‘ It is hot Reference burning one the intersection of speed and reference value, use decision for in will certainly load with the intersection of lubricant and terms inferior horn of degree of viscosity contacting the ball bearing but permission running speed.

The reference burning value listed accords with ISO 15312 standard this standard excluding thrust ball angle contact the ball bearing . This ISO standard is made for the oil lubrication, but effective equally to grease lubrication.

One given horn keep in touch the rotational speed of reference of the ball bearing, represent his speed under a certain particular operating condition. At the speed, horn exposed to heat that ball bearing produce with contact from horn ball bearing send out to shaft lever and horn contact the intersection of ball and pedestal and heat of lubricant reach the equilibrium.

According to ISO 15312 standard, reach the compensating reference condition of this kind of heat:

Increase 50 degrees more on the ambient temperature of 20 degrees Centigrade, the angle is exposed to the ball bearing temperature is 70 degrees Centigrade, the measuring point is that an angle is exposed to the fixed outer lane or angle of the ball bearing and exposed to the pedestal gasket of ball;

The radial angle contacts the ball bearing: A stable radial load, accounts for 5% of C0 of the rated value of basic basic load

The angle of thrust contacts the ball bearing: One stable axial load, account for basic the intersection of basic load and 2% we of C0 of rated value how opposite angle keep in touch the ball bearing speed go on and confirm?

Horn exposed to ball bearing reach terminal speed of operating temperature, depend on horn exposed to the intersection of ball bearing and friction heat that produce run, ‘ Including any allochthonous heat ,And can be exposed to the heat that sends out from the angle on the ball bearing.

The angle is exposed to ball bearing kind, size, inside design, load, lubricating method, cooling condition, and retainer design, precision and internal backlash,etc., will all influence the determination of the ability of rotational speed.

In the table of goods in process, generally list two kinds of speeds: It is hot Reference burning and Sports Limit speed, the number values of these two speeds depend on standards considered.

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