Technological main point which must consider of the pump in hermetic installation and use with machinery

Mechanical seal is used in various typological pumps extensively. Mechanical seal is a kind of precision more high gland, there are certain requirements on installing and the service conditions.

1,General principle installed and used in mechanical seal

1 Clarify the situation of the apparatus, should find out about apparatus the rotational speed of pivots, axle diameter; The intersection of device fabrication and precision and the intersection of annular seal space and size, the intersection of apparatus and life time and the intersection of apparatus and status in the production technologies,etc. of itself make overall isostatic consideration.

2 Estimate the medium pressure. The outlet pressure that the pressure of annular seal space of the pump is not generally the pump, but the outlet pressure less than pump

3 Clarify the sealing medium situation. Should find out about the state of the sealing medium, it is gaseous state or liquid state, whether the medium includes particle and particle state; Understand the property, temperature of the medium, so that the rational lectotype and taking essential cooling, washes, lubricated measure.

2,Technical requirement installed and used in mechanical seal

1 Install the axle of the mechanical seal placement or diameter run-out public errand of shaft sleeve. The surface roughness of the axle or shaft sleeve should accord with the technical requirement, the dimensional tolerance of the external diameter is h6.

2 The fleeing momentums axially of drive shaft does not exceed 0.2mm.

3 Sealed the intersection of housing and in the face of the intersection of axle and superficial public errand of beating for end

4 The end of the axle or shaft sleeve and end of the sealed housing chamfer.

5 When transporting the medium temperature to be a bit high, overlow or contains the impurity particle, flammable, explosive, poisonous, should take corresponding hindering one, measure of washing, cooling, filtering etc..

6 Must notice to fasten to some by the intersection of spring and driving mechanical seal to spring, namely the axle rotation direction should make the spring more and more urgent, otherwise will cause sealing to fail, the spring fastens the choice of turning towards confirmed by the following methods: Look from the quiet annularly moving ring, the axle runs clockwise and uses the right-handed spring, on the contrary, choose the left-handed spring.

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