Take the sphere bearing outside the stand

Take the sphere bearing (insert bearing with housing) outside the stand It is a kind of bearing unit combined rolling bearing with bearing seat. Make the external diameter into the sphere, install with the imported bearing seat with inner hole of ball-shaped together with sphere bearing outside the majority, the structure is various informative, commonability and interchangeability are good.

Meanwhile, this kind of bearing must adjust the disposition in the design too, it is apt to install, the seal installation with double structure, can work under the abominable environment. The bearing seat usually adopts and casts shaping. The daily seat has vertical seats (P) , square seat (F) , the square flat (FS) of protruding platform , the round flat (FC) of protruding platform , rhombus seat (FL) , annular seat (C) , slippery seats (T) When.

The name of product: Take the sphere bearing outside the stand New type: UCHA206 bearing Type:

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