Optimization of the Formula on High Performance Rubber Coating by Response Surface Methodology

A two-component high performance rubber coating was prepared with polyaspartic ester and isocyanate curing agent as the main binder. The influence such as the ratio of resin1/resin2, hardener1/ hardener2 and pigment/binder were discussed. With the elongation at break and the abrasion loss of the paint film as responses, the parameters of the coating formula were […]

Effect of Rare-Earth on Structure and Properties of FeNi Based Alloy

The manufacturing process of FeNiCrWRE powders containing rare-earth elements and their applications in PM and thermal spray products are studied in this paper. Effect of the rare-earth elements on properties of FeNiCrWRE powders is dis- cussed. The results show that the addition of rare-earth elements can result in the relatively dense and homogeneous micro- structure, […]

Research and development of alloyed high manganese steel Mn13MoVTi

The alloyed high manganese steel Mn13 MoVTi was developed by alloying and water quenching based on austenitic high manganese steel,and the forging plasticity,mechanical properties and microstructure of the new developed steel were analyzed.The results showed that the toughness,yield strength and tensile strength of the steel after water quenching were as 1.41 times,1.39 times and 1.83 […]

Microstructure and Properties of Ferrous Powder Sintering Forging Steel with Different Cr Content

The chromium element was introduced into Fe-Ni-Mo pre-alloyed powder by adding chromium-iron alloy powder,and then ferrous powder sintering forging steels containing different mass fractions(0,0.35%,0.55%,1.00%,1.50%)of chromium were prepared by cold pressing sintering,hot forging,quenching and tempering.The microstructure,density,mechanical properties and wear resistance of the steels were studied.The results show that the microstructure of the steel by cold pressing […]