Numerical Investigation of Gas Flow in Vertical Tank for Recovering Sinter Waste Heat

Based on the porous media model, the mathematical model of the gas flow in sinter vertical tank was established according to the gas solid packed beds dynamic theory, and the boundary conditions of the mathematical model were determined. This model was conducted on the platform of FLUENT software. The radial voidage distribution of tank material […]

Analysis of gas-solid heat transfer performance in vertically-arranged sinter coolers

In order to analyze the gas-solid heat transfer performance in vertically-arranged sinter coolers, a one-dimensional steady-state model was established to evaluate the gas-solid heat transfer in a sinter bed. The amounts of energy and exergy recovered were used as the criteria to compare the waste heat recovery ability under different operating Conditions. The model was […]

Study on spray tower performance used for waste heat recovery of protein powder exhaust gas

The drying process of soybean protein powder produces high-temperature exhaust gas with a large amount of sensible heat and latent heat,and a kind of vertical countercurrent spray tower could largely recover the waste heat.The numerical model of the spray tower was developed and validated with the experimental data.On this basis,the effects of nozzle height,water inlet […]


This paper introduces the distribution of patent applications for sintering waste heat recovery technology. China is the largest country for patent application of Sintering waste heat recovery technology, followed by Japan. Sintering waste heat recovery technology patent applicants in the top three ranking followed by Siemens VAI, NSSC and POSCO. The concentration for sintering waste […]

Performance Analysis of Dual-loop Heat Recovery System

A dual-loop system is designed to recover the waste heat of a diesel engine in this paper.The high-temperature(HT) loop utilizes the heat load of the engine exhaust gas,and the low-temperature(LT) loop uses the heat load of the jacket cooling water and the residual heat of the HT loop sequentially.These two loops are coupled via a […]

Experimental Investigation on the Concentric and Nonconcentric Waste Heat Recovery Device

A series of tests were carried out on a new structure of heat pipe exchanger. It uses acetone as working fluid. The investigation was conducted at different heat loads,the tilt angles of device are 30°、45°、60°、75°、90°and the charging ratio of working fluid is 30%.The angles,length and operation temperature was adjusted in the test to investigate the […]


The paper introduces the application of screw expanding power generator in waste heat recovery for ferrosihcon furnace. Through a detailed introduction on a project and relevant economic benefit analysis, the paper has proved the superiority and promotional value of the technology and also has shown that the technology has a promising future.

Influence factors analysis and optimization design for flue gas waste heat recovery system in coal-fired units

Generally,the exhaust gas temperature in domestic coal-fired units is relatively high.Aiming at solving this problem,the flue gas waste heat recovery technology was proposed to carry out technical trans-formation for the unit.By introducing the concept of"relative efficiency",the"relative efficiency" thermo-dynamic calculation model was established.Moreover,considering the "relative efficiency" and economic benefits as a comprehensive index,the influence of such […]

Simulation Research of the Dynamic Behavior of the Plate Heat Exchanger for the Waste Heat Recovery Application

Considering the instability of the quality of low grade heat source, the dynamic response of plate heat exchanger for waste heat recovery has been researched though simulation. To achieve better ac- curacy, the finite volume method is adopted to simulate the energy and mass conservation of the two – phase section. To improve the robustness […]

Study on key problems of vertical tank for sinter waste heat recovery

In view of the drawbacks of traditional sintering waste heat recovery system,such as higher air leakage rate,lower waste heat recovery rate,and so on,the structure and craft process of waste heat recovery and utilization for sinter in vertical tank are proposed by imitating the structure and process of coke dry quenching furnace. The basic features of […]