Experimental Research on Temperature Field of SCR Converter for Diesel Engines

An experimental research on the characteristics of the temperature field of an SCR converter was conducted on a diesel engine test bench. The upstream and downstream temperatures of the SCR catalyst, as well as the converter surface temperature and the injector temperature were tested. The exhaust temperature results measured by the sensors on the converter […]

Theoretical and Experimental Research on Preparation of Ti-Al Alloy by Electric Aluminothermic Reduction

Ti-Al alloy was prepared using electric aluminothermic reduction method with titanium white as raw materials.The influence of temperature and aluminum addition on the alloy-slag separation,phase of slag,microstructure,composition and phase of alloy were researched.Through theoretical analysis it shows that the elevated roasting temperature can lower the viscosity of slag in favor of the alloy-slag separation.A better […]

Application of Peridynamic Method on Prediction of Creep Behavior of Polymer Bonded Explosives

Peridynamics is a recently developed meshfree method with many aspects needing to be further studied,such as viscoelasticity,plasticity and the coupling of elasticity,plasticity and viscosity. The analytical ability for considering viscoelastic behavior of peridynamics is developed. The theoretical basis,modeling procedure and numerical scheme of peridynamics are first reviewed. Then the expressions of creep compliance under different […]

Solution to Excessively High Temperature in Electric Room of WK- 27 Electric Excavator

Aim at the problem of excessively high temperature in electric room of WK- 27 large excavator,such solutions as cleaning up or changing time- delay relay of filter are adopted to lower the temperature,which could make the axial flow fan reverses then rotates foreward. In the reverse process,the negative pressure generated could effectively suct the impurities […]

Control and Improvement of Hydraulic Oil Temperature During Furnace Dismantling Operation

In this paper, we studied the main reasons that cause hydraulic system frequent failure of the dismantling machine in the converter steelmaking process. The improvement measures are made from two aspects of preventing heat transfer and strengthening the oil temperature diffusion of the hydraulic system, and good results have been obtained.

Experimental study on the yielding properties of gelled biodiesel

The yielding characteristics of soybean oil, waste oil and peanut oil biodiesel gels were studied by stress-controlled rheometer. The experimental data show that biodiesel undergo linear viscoelastic response, creep, and then yield process when the shear stress is increased by 0.01 Pa. At the same experimental condition, the yield stress of waste oil biodiesel is […]

Application of Evaporative Cooling Spray Gun System in Dry Dedusting of Converter

The application of evaporative cooling spray system in converter dry dedusting system were introduced,the working principle of evaporative cooling effect,atomizing process parameters and the dust removal system were analyzed and discussed,and has certain directive significance to the operation and maintenance of dry dedusting system.

Effects of lubricants on the warm compaction process of Fe-based powder metallurgy materials

The effects of zinc stearate, ethylene bis stearamide (EBS), composite lubricant, and compaction temperature on the warm compaction process of Fe-based powder metallurgy (PM) materials were investigated by scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and properties tests. The results show that the apparent density and flow rate of Fe-based powders decrease with increasing lubricant content when the […]

Application of Static Pressure Water-fiiling and Adjcent Boiler Heating in 660 MW Ultra Supercritical Unit

Tianji power plant unit 3 and 4 of the second-stage project in the process of boiler cold start-up, use static pressure method to fill water, and use adjacent boiler heating system to complete hot washing when the boiler is not ignited, save a lot of auxiliary machinery power consumption, and improve boiler plasma ignition condition. […]

Effect of heating style on gasification process of pilot scale bubble fluidized bed

In order to study the heat process characteristics of pilot scale bubbing fluidized bed, by using the self heating pilot scale bubbling fluidized bed reactor of 50 kg/h in capacity, with sawdust as raw material, the experimental study on air gasification were conducted. At present, the externally heating for the fluidized bed startup was widely […]