Treatment for the main feed belt tearing accident of No. 5 BF of Esteel

Main feed belt longitudinal tearing accident occurred suddenly at No. 5 BF of Esteel. Process and causes of the accident were analyzed. In the absence of spare belt, emergency treatment measures were carried out to keep feeding, and blast furnace operations were maintained and adjusted to avoid long term unplanned blowing down. Eventually, the furnace […]

A new type of Large Cover for Preventing the Tension in the Cooling Process of the External Pressure Pipe of the DC Boiler

The all through-wall tubes of the top of sealed big cover in the supercritical once-through boiler have actively implemented when the one-through boiler is stop and cooled. Firstly, the verti- cal water wall of upper furnace and external furnace. Secondly, the platen superheater and high temperature superheater of the upper furnace and their upper through-wall […]