Development and preliminary experiments of high power RF ion source

The structure design of RF ion source driving source and the heat flow and solid coupling analysis of RF coils were introduced. RF ion source is produced by the external antenna inductive coupling. Using design of dual RF driving source, each RF driving source power is about 60kW, and the total RF ion source power […]

Design essentials and direction ofYagi TV antenna structure

With the increasing labor costs, the logistics costs remain high, serious erosion of corporate profits, a huge impact on the development of enterprises. In recent years, the voice of product cost reduction continue to increase, However, in the increasingly developed market economy today, the quality of the importance of an enterprise more and more strong, […]

Design and analysis of the structure of helicon wave electric propulsion experiment system piggybacked on satellite

The helicon wave, as one of the attractive ionization sources for the space electric propulsion in the future, is attracting more and more attention domestically and abroad. The piggyback experiment on a satellite for the helicon wave electric propulsion is used to validate the technology. In this paper, the structure, with the main part bearing […]

Coupled vibration of bolted flange connections containing shear pins (cone)

Under complex and multiple external loads, the coupled vibrations of joint structures in large industrial equipments were analysed. Two schematic nonlinear dynamic models with multi DOFs were developed to study the dynamics mechanism of bolted flange joints containing shear pins (cone) subjected to the combined action of bending moment, shearing force and torsion moment. The […]