Thermal instability for overhung of steam turbine rotor

Aiming at keeping rotor dynamics stability during industrial steam turbine operation, an analysis method and analysis steps were introduced to analysis a steam turbine rotor with overhung which was designed by Hangzhou Steam Turbine Corporation. The mathematic model of rotor synchronous orbit was analysed and the reasons for rotor instability were indicated. The maximum oil […]

Analysis of Vibration Problems Caused by Insufficient Joint Stiffness ofBearing Block of Steam Turbine Generator Set

Taking a steam turbine generator set as an example, analyze the reasons forthe large vibration of the bearing block. According to the test results of external vibrationcharacteristics and the wave diagram of shaft vibration, it was judged that the reasons werethe bad contact between the bearing block foundation and the platform, the platform andthe bearing […]

Characteristics and diagnosing essentials of turbine motion and rubbing

The dynamic and static rubbing of the steam turbine is caused by the friction between the moving parts and the stationary parts during the operation of the unit. During the operation of the large steam turbine,there is often a fault caused by rubbing. With the continuous improvement of the efficiency of large-scale steam turbine units […]

Analysis and Processing of High Temperature of Turbine #1 Bearing in ATLAS Plant

In the design of 600 MW steam turbine, sequence valve mode #1 bearing high temperature is analyzed, the mainly reason is the valve sequence as sequence valve operation mode, and after change the valve sequence as sequence valve operation mode, can make steam to the bearing force uniform distribution, the #1 even bear the load, […]

The steam turbine bearing burns oozing Palestine’s alloy phenomenon of tile and axle strength

Liu shows favor Fan China the eastern material testing laboratory of steam turbine factory, Sichuan Deyang 618201 Summary: Sketch the properties of working of the bearing, the basic situation that alloy employ and make up of bar. Describe the steam turbine rotor after two electricity factory directors operate one, because the abnormal friction that the […]