Spin Effect Correction Method for Spacecraft Orbit Measurement Data

A theoretical analysis is conducted to ranging and Doppler velocity measurement data ple. A correction method is proposed for rangin tion method can also estimate the alignment of ranging and Doppler velocity measurement data evaluate the effect of the spin of a spacecraft on from the perspective of the measurement princi- g and Doppler velocity […]

Inverse heat conduction problem for transient external heat flux inversion of spacecraft on orbit

Spacecraft external heat flux is very important for researching deterioration law of thermal control coating on orbit,influence of various spatial factors on thermal control products,as well as plume thermal effect of spacecraft attitude and orbit control engine. However,there are many difficulties in direct heat flux measurement. Thus,the inverse heat conduction problem can be used to […]

A Feasible Method for Modeling and Analyzing the Pyroshock Source of Spacecraft

To solve the problem of acquiring the load force function description in the process of spacecraft pyroshock environment prediction,a ‘source system-near field structures ’integrated modeling and analyzing method based on Hydrocodes is proposed to analyze the shock processes of the spacecraft-launch vehicle separation mechanisms and other release mechanisms triggered by pyrotechnicsin spacecraft. By using this […]