Introduce briefly: Whole off-centre bearing

Whole off-centre bearing, also call the off-centre bearing, it is a type of bearing that used very much. Mainly outer lane, inner circle, roll the intersection of body and basket of flowers, roll body, whole off-centre simple in construction, easy to use in bearing, can realize the off-centre function without the eccentric shaft, make the […]

Load and life-span of the rolling bearing

Component any appear, exposed to tired the intersection of operation and total revolution or total work hours under sure rotational speed abrade, in the rolling bearing, the life-span which is called the longevity rolling bearing of the bearing is uneven and very large, criticize the bearing produced to operate the samely under the same condition, […]

Discuss simply: Assembling process of the rolling bearing

The assembling process of the rolling bearing: Part such as inner circle, outer lane of the rolling bearing, rolling the body and keeping the shelf,etc., after being qualified through examining, enter the assembly shop to assemble, its course is as follows: The part is demagnetized, washed Inside, outside divide into groups to select to leave […]

How to design the adjustable backlash to roll the ball bearing?

The adjustable backlash rolls the ball bearing design method: Rolling the ball bearing rubs small resistance with it, start sensitive with high efficiency rotating precision to be high lubricating simple changing a great deal of advantage such as being convenient and applying to producing and living a life, widely. But because it makes precision expecting […]

It is still a choice of using the oil that the rolling bearing is good with the lipoprotein

Rolling bearing has both rolling friction and sliding friction. Sliding friction the intersection of rolling bearing and deviation and it supports lower bearings to be out of shape causing at the intersection of surface and curve. For example roll between body and ring, because ball and ring are not the absolute rigid body, their contact […]

The rolling bearing is here ” The lathe ” Application that is had

The rolling bearing rolls the body to roll the bearing of sports among the parts which bears load and each other’s relative motion. It supports the part on axle and axle rotated, and keep the normal job seat of the axle and rotate the precision, it is convenient for the rolling bearing to use and […]

Extension law of service life of ball bearing of thrust

It is that the thrust bearing of ball gets the thrust ball bearing to roll the body. What as the thrust ball bearing is known, the expert below is sent as an envoy to the method that can lengthen in it lifespan 1,Installation of the bearing Whether the installation of the thrust ball bearing is […]

The only foreign bearing operates the abnormal unusually problem treatment method

A lot invalid reasons of the only foreign bearing except peel off normally and tiredly like invalid sealing, high strung cooperates the factor of passing the interval of small bearing or lubricating badly etc. caused can leave special invalid trace and failure mode. Check invalid bearing in most of the time can find, cause reason […]

Characteristic that the sub bearing exists that the cylinder rolls

Roll body roll cylinder rolling bearing of son known as cylinder, get away sub bearing. Characteristic that the sub bearing exist that the expert below tells the cylinder and rolls for you. 1,Roll son dish keep in touch for line, radial bearing capacity large, suitable for, bear the intersection of heavy load and carry on […]

The bearing expert teaches you the trouble of the rolling bearing to diagnose the pithy formula

The outer lane of inner circle rolls the body, the characteristic frequency should be kept firmly in mind; Really there is a bearing trouble that exists, the frequency composition is can’t be more difficult. Look at spectral low frequency first, the asynchronous one is seen; If there are asynchronous compositions, can already fix three points […]