Optimization of the Formula on High Performance Rubber Coating by Response Surface Methodology

A two-component high performance rubber coating was prepared with polyaspartic ester and isocyanate curing agent as the main binder. The influence such as the ratio of resin1/resin2, hardener1/ hardener2 and pigment/binder were discussed. With the elongation at break and the abrasion loss of the paint film as responses, the parameters of the coating formula were […]

Treatment of Nitrobenzene Wastewater via Ultrasonic Enhanced Iron-carbon Micro-electrolysis with Response Surface Methodology

Aiming at whether there are interaction problem among various operating factors in the degradation of wastewater with nitrobenzene(NB)via an ultrasonic enhanced iron-carbon micro-electrolysis method,the process conditions were optimized by response surface methodology(RSM).In experiments,selecting 29 representative groups as the test points,taking ultrasonic(US)power,zero valent iron(Fe 0)dosage,activated carbon(GAC)dosage,initial pH value of wastewater as main factors,removal efficiency of NB […]

Optimizing direct reduction process of carbon-containing pellet of V-Ti-bearing magnetite with response surface methodology

The direct reduction test of carbon-containing pellet of V-Ti-bearing magnetite was carried out by simulating rotary hearth furnace process under the laboratory condition. The main influencing factors for metallization rate of carbon-containing pellet of V-Ti-bearing magnetite were studied and optimized using the response surface methodology based on central composite design. The study shows that, the […]