Research on the Real-Time Phase Jump Process Method for Plasma Electron Density Measurement in HL-2A Tokamak

In the real-time plasma electron density measurement using far infrared (FIR) laser interferometry, the plasma electron density can be calculated by measuring the real time phase difference between the reference signal and the probe signal. A novel Real-time Phase Jump Process (RPJP) method is applied to the HL-2A tokamak. With this method, the phase difference […]

Design and Implementation of 3D Real-time Display System of Sea Battle Field

This paper presents a design scheme based on Unity3D engine for real-time maritime battlefield 3D situation display system.First of all,the paper briefly analyzes the features and advantages of display system based on Unity3D engine,elaborates the method of building a display system with Unity3D,and then analyzes the key technologies of optimization of database connection,timing driving and […]

A Deterministic Localization Network for TDOA Measurement

In the industrial environment,the influence of the complex wireless communication on the localization network leads to poor real-time reliability and low accuracy of localization.This paper proposes the deterministic localization network model for TDOA(time difference-of-arrival) measurement in the case of asynchronous anchor nodes called ASync-DetNET.After that,we propose the sensing model and localization model,which can adapt to […]


In order to solve the problem that video encryption is difficult to balance the security and real-time requirements, we proposed a video encryption algorithm combining wavelet transform with chaos keying. We selected three-dimensional CNN system, three-dimensional Rosler system and three-dimensional Chen system as the key source. The initial value of the chaotic system, the selection […]