Simulation of flow induced noise in process of pump-turbine load rejection

The grid market is redistributed with significantly increase of the exploitation of unpredictable renewable energy,such as wind and solar energy sources,however,the ways of electricity generation by both wind and solar energy depend on environment which is extremely unstable.For the sake of balancing electricity generated by renewable energy,pumped storage power stations are experiencing a thriving process.As […]

Design of Continuous Monitoring System for Pressure, Temperature and Humidity in Radon Exhalation Rate Measurement Chamber

In order to research the relationship between radon exhalation rate and meteorological parameters like pressure, temperature and humidity, a remote monitoring system for those meteorological parameters is raised,in which the wireless network nRF2401 is adopted to transmit data. Composed of 6 measuring points for pressure,temperature and humidity measurements, the wireless communication module nRF2401 and a […]

Time-dependent Effects of Periodic Hydrostatic Pressure on Human Chondrocytes Activity*

Objective: To investigate the effect of different duration to chondrocytes activity in the periodic hydrostatic pressure of the adequate strength,types. Methods: The third generation of the chondrocytes,which come from knee articular cartilage of adult normal cultured in vitro, were randomly divided into 4 groups (4h,Sh, 12h、control).Put them into the high hydrostatic pressure loading system filled […]

Pressure Compensation and Correction for Differential Pressure Water Level Gauge of Sub-critical Drum Boilers

To reduce the influence of boiler pressure on indicating value of the differential pressure drum level gauge in sub-critical power units, an analysis has been performed on the working principles of differential pressure water level gauges, thus obtaining the rule of violent changes in indication due to pressure fluctuation. Corresponding adjustment methods are proposed, so […]

Simulation and Optimization of Hydraulic System of XX Aircraft Based on AMESim Software

Hydraulic fluid flow and the dynamic characteristies of hydraulic pressure are important parameters in the design of hydraulic system. This paper, taking the hydraulic system of XX aircraft as research object, makes simulation analysis on hydraulic liquid flow and pressure characteristies with the use of AMESim software and eompares the simulation result with test data […]