The Process Practice of Modern Oxygen Enrichment Top-Blown Lead Smelting Process and its Compatibility with Raw Ore

The oxygen enrichment top – blown lead smelting furnace has the stronger compatibility for all kinds of lead material with complex composition, which has been successfully processed various lead concentrate and the secondary slag materials since the furnace put into operation, and the industrialization is accomplished. The strong compatibility, high economy, environmental protection and social […]

The Experimental Study on Cyanidation Leaching of a Gossan Type Gold-Silver Ores in Qinghai Province

In order to develop and utilize mineral resources in gossan type gold and silver ores,cyanide leaching was applied to study the gossan type gold and silver ores in Qinghai Province.We investigated the effect of grinding fineness,leaching time,pulp density,dosage of sodium cyanide,lime and lead acetate to leaching rate for gold and silver,finally the optimum leaching condition […]