Optimization of Structural Parameters for the Engine Intake System of FSAE Racing Car

According to the regulation of Formula SAE Rules, the circulating diameter of the intake manifold installed in FSAE racing car’s engine is limited to 20mm. Generally, this leads to the power performance degradation. Therefore, we researched the en-gine intake system of FSAE racing car and the simulation model was established with GT – Power software. […]

Analysis and Advance of the Topology Optimization of Offshore Gathering System

At present, researches focus more on the layout optimization of onshore oil and gas field but less on offshore gathering system. Based on the optimal models considering gathering pipeline system of shallow and deep sea, researches on topology optimization of gathering pipelines of offshore oil and gas field at home and abroad were introduced, and […]

Isolation,identification and fermentation conditions optimization of a salt-tolerant,growth-promoting and indoleacetic acid-producing bacterium

A growth-promoting and indoleacetic acid(IAA)-producing strain BG-5 was isolated and screened from the rhizosphere soil of Suaeda salsa,and analyzed by 16S rDNA sequences.Using the yield of IAA as evaluation index,the fermentation conditions and medium composition were optimized by single factor tests and response surface methodology.The results showed that the strain BG-5 was identified as Bacillus […]

Valve Cam Optimization of Single Cylinder Diesel Engine with the Goal of the Performance at Medium and High Speed

The simulation model of 186FA diesel engine was established by AVL BOOST and the valve timing's influences on the performance of this engine under speed characteristic were got through the simulation calculation. According to the analysis, these influences are different at different speeds. The intake valve close angle has a comparatively obvious impact on the […]

Identification of Aerodynamic ROM by Optimization Method

This paper proposes an optimization method to identify the kernels of the aerodynamic ROM all at once. The basic idea of the method is to fit the kernels by curves and to optimize the parameters of the curves to enforce the response of the ROM in consistent with the response of the aerodynamic experiments or […]


In order to improve the quality of FCC gasoline and increase the economic profit,SINOPEC, Guangzhou Company,tried the hydrocracking of feedstock blending with coker gas oil. The results indi﹣cated that when processing the blending feed,the tail oil BMCI was increased and steam cracking fur﹣nace operation cycle was shortened. To solve these problems,we used KBC’s Petro﹣SIM software […]


Facing the serious situation of fluctuation in prices of rawmaterials market for iron and steel business,steels prices keeping going down and benefit space getting smaller and smaller,Xuan Steel actively responses to the market challenges,grasps in time the iron ore resource information at home and abroad,develops basic property research for iron ore powder sintering. Scientific ore […]

Investigation of Non-Axisymmetric Endwall Contouring in a Compressor Cascade

The current paper presents experimental and computational results to assess the effectiveness of non-axisymmetric endwall contouring in a compressor linear cascade. The endwaU was designed by an endwall design optimi- zation platform at 0° incidence (design condition). The optimization method is based on a genetic algorithm. The design objective was to minimize the total pressure […]

Study on Optimization of General Ammunition Integrated Packaging Based on Bracket

In order to achieve fast and efficient ammunition support, through a simple analysis of the ammunition bracket containerization, established an optimization model of ammunition bracket containerization and discussed on the model solution, which provided a feasible theoretical basis for solving optimization problems of ammunition containerization.

Role-based approaches for operational task-resource flexible matching model and algorithm

In order to solve the problem that previous relation researches in operational task-resource matching are hard to flexible computing for generating a new matching scheme from the existing scheme under the condition of operational tasks or resources adjusted in uncertainty cases, role-based approaches to operational task-resource flexible matching model and algorithm are proposed in the […]