Numerical Investigation of Gas Flow in Vertical Tank for Recovering Sinter Waste Heat

Based on the porous media model, the mathematical model of the gas flow in sinter vertical tank was established according to the gas solid packed beds dynamic theory, and the boundary conditions of the mathematical model were determined. This model was conducted on the platform of FLUENT software. The radial voidage distribution of tank material […]

Numerical Investigation on Flow and Heat Transfer Characteristics of Spiral Plate Heat Exchanger based on the Periodic Flow Model

The periodic flow model of Spiral Plate Heat Exchanger (SPHE) was built to numerically study its flow and heat transfer properties for investigating the effect of structure on SPHE perfromance and de- signing SPHE. The results indicate that the periodic model is applicable for investigating the flow and heat transfer properties of SPHE. The spacing […]

Mesoscopic Characteristics Analysis of Directly Oil MILD Turbulent Combustion

Simulated mes0scopic characteristics of directly oil MILD turbulent combustion by pilot furnace of 4〉410 mm ×1 930 mm, the oil burner parameters are jet velocity, interval, flue gas recirculated amount and heat load. Combustion models are determined by no dimensional criterion numbers of turbulent combustion. The resuhs show that oil MILD com- bustion will set […]

Numerical Study on Local Flow Field and Temperature Field of Helical Baffles Heat Exchanger

Models of continuous helical baffles and quarter helical baffles heat exchangers are established. With large CFD analysis software FLUENT, the distribution characteristics of local flow field and temperature field of helical baffles heat exchangers are investigated through numerical simulation. And comprehensive performances of both heat exchangers are compared and studied with entransy dissipation. The results […]

Effects of Mid-Passage Gap on Endwall Purge Flow Film Cooling

Numerical Simulations were performed to study the effects of mid-passage gap on endwall purge flow film cooling.Film cooling performance from upstream slot purge flow with and without mid-passage gap was examined in detail.The effects of mass flow ratio and jet angle of purge flow from the mid-passage gap were studied.Results show that the mid-passage gap […]

Numerical Simulation of Convective Heat Transfer of Supercritical CO2in a Helical Tube under Constant Wall Temperature Condition

The convective heat transfer of supercritical CO2 in a helical tube under constant wall temperature condition was numerically simulated.The distribution of temperature,velocity and density in the convective heat transfer to the supercritical CO2in the helical tube were obtained and analyzed.The variation law of the local convection heat transfer coefficient of the supercritical CO2along the axial […]


The three-dimensional model of typical complex terrain axsymmetrical hill is numerically investigated by using CFD numerical simulation method with SST turbulence model in this paper.The characteristics of the fluid flow around the axisymmetrical hill with different grade of 15°,30°and 45°in the condition of uniform speed are studied.The velocity distribution near the axisymmetrical hill with different […]

Numerical Simulation of Optimization of the Deflectors Installed at the Outlet of the Fan in the Air-cooled Cell

Optimization for the structure of air-cooled cells is good for improving the heat transfer characteristics of the air-cooled condensers. Based on the typical structure of 600 MW direct air-cooled condenser units,the physical models of air-cooled condenser cells were established,in which the bow-shaped deflectors were installed at the outlet of the fan. In order to optimize […]

Structural analysis and optimization of the middle ELM coil support for ITER

Due to the position of ITER ELM coils assembly and its working condition, these coils are subjected to large electromagnetic force and thermal expansion caused by the nuclear heat and ohmic heat. The stress analysis and optimization work within six different design schemes of ELM Coils (ELMC) support are carried out by finite element software […]

Application Study of Concave Axisymmetric Endwall Molding in a Compressor Cascade with High Stagger Angle

In order to improve the corner flow of a compressor cascade with high stagger angle, the concave axisymmetric endwall molding technology(CAEMT) was applied to redesign its endwall region. The numerical method was adopted to investigate the effects of covering length and covering depth of concave line on the aerodynamic performance of the compressor cascade. As […]