Introduce some attentive matters that NSK bearing lubricating grease chooses

For the best state of better full play NSK bearing, the stable operation of direct relation apparatus of quality that NSK bearing lubricating grease chooses. The choice of NSK bearing lubricating grease must be considered from the following aspects: 1.Performance of antirusting Rust inhibitor can be insoluble in water. The oil should have good adhesion, […]

NSK bearing corrodes prevention method and measure

It is caused by various inherent and external factors that NSK bearing corrosion reason and prevention method NSK bearing are corroded, sum up, it stands up to be as follows, mainly 1,Smooth finish of metal surface oxygen density bad battery is corroded . 2,Metal material own chemical composition and structure. 3,Solution composition and pH value […]

The vibration of NSK bearing and inspection of temperature

1,Vibration of NSK bearing It shake NSK bearing more getting more sensitive verily,it for example peel off, compression, corrosion, crackle, abrading,etc. can shake in measuring reflecting at bearing, so, through adopting the special bearing to shake the measurer frequency analysor,etc. Can measure the vibrant size, can’t infer to assign to through the frequency that the […]

FAG imports the bearing antirusting and maintenance method

NSK bearing rustproof and maintenance method 1,The law of soaking: NSK bearing adopt, soak in antirusting oil, let surface its glue, enclose one method to antirust the oil. The thickness of the oil film can reach by controlling and antirusting the temperature or viscosity of the oil. 2,Brushing law: Do not soak NSK bearing of […]

Teach you how to be chosen NSK bearing lubricated way

There are two kinds of to choose NSK bearing lubricated ways: The oil is lubricated and lubricated with the lipoprotein. These two kinds of lubricated ways each have pluses and minuses. The lipoprotein is lubricated Generally roll NSK bearing to all lubricate with the lipoprotein. Its advantage is mainly as follows, The design is very […]

NSK bearing lubricating grease of the low-temperature use very much

It rub it make every effort to overcome 33 by TM it is extreme low-temperature NSK bearing lubricating grease last temperature range until – 73 degrees to 180 ℃, as to the thing that must be at the low working temperature, the harsh climatic condition or lubrication of oxidizing plastic gear, NSK bearing, cam, metal […]

Test of the lubricating grease rotten method of NSK bearing

NSK bearing will meet various questions in the course of using, we will come to know how to examine the rotten method of lubricating grease of NSK bearing today. In the course of using NSK bearing, lubricating grease is very key. If, have used rotten lubricating grease, not merely ineffectual, leaving will also damage NSK […]

Technological condition held in store of NSK bearing

It is not the diesel oil that does not antirust, it is the diesel oil that includes the moisture too much. In addition, must not wash the intersection of NSK and bearing with the intersection of strong acid and alkaline chemical article, NSK easy to get rusty than ordinary the intersection of carbon and steel […]

High-temperature high-speed lubricating grease performance characteristic of NSK bearing

High-temperature NSK bearing lubricating grease at a high speed: High-temperature and thick to melt thick compound of pharmaceutical becomes oil, and add additive of many results, it is one kind that keeps high-quality lubricating grease of the normal working state in the high-temperature environment for a long time. Performance characteristic: Institutional framework is smooth, the […]