NOx emissions of highpower internal combustion engine genset fueled by landfill gas

Utilization of landfill gas is mainly to power generation through burning in internal combustion engine, in which the 1 MW scaled engines are dominantly used. In order to investigate the NOxemissions condition of landfill gas engine, two types of engines form different manufacturers were tested under normal working operation. Results showed that NOxconcentration in gas […]

Experiment of NOx storage and reduction from diesel engine with NSR catalysts

The objective of the present study was to investigate the removal characteristics of NOxfrom the practical diesel engine exhaust over NOx storage and reduction (NSR) catalysts. A series ofxCe(25-x)Ba/γ-Al2O3(x=8%-12%, 25-x=17%-13%) and Pt10Ce15Ba/γ-Al2O3 NSR catalysts were prepared by an incipient wetness method. The effect of metallic Ce and Ba on their microstructure and catalytic properties was […]

Study on Characteristics of Oxygen-rich Combustion and Nitrogen Emissions of Blast Furnace Gas and Pulverized Coal Blended Combustion Boiler

Take a 300 MW blast furnace gas (BFG)/pulverized coal boiler for example, numerical simulations of the combustion process are carried out at three different oxygen-rich conditions of 02 concentration (30%,35%,40%) in the combustion gas (O2/CO2) and conventional air condition by the FLUENT software. The simulation results show: In theoxygen-enriched conditions, the flue gas temperature increases […]