Energy Comprehensive Utilization Scheme of the Artificial Island in Dagang Oilfield

On the basis of analyzing the natural resources conditions and energy consumption of beach oilfield artificial islands,a new energy micro-grid is constructed with the purpose of energy comprehensive utilization.In the micro-grid system,self-use of self-generating electricity and transmitting residual electricity to the network can be realized.The wind power generation shoulders the base-load of the micro-grid,the micro […]

Operation Strategy of Isolated Island Micro Grid Under New Reform in Power Industry

The new round of power system reform provides an opportunity for multi-agent participation in market transactions.As the effective way for the aggregation of distributed generation(DG),micro grid can change the fluctuation,randomness and uncontrollable characteristics of DG capacity,which can provide a good policy support for micro grid to participate in market transactions especially in the context of […]