Study on Characteristic Parameter of Pulsed X-ray Generator

The characteristic parameters of pulsed X-ray generator were studied in this paper.The geometric structure of diode of the X-ray generator and the process of X-ray generation were modeled by MCNP5,and the energy spectrum of X-ray was calculated.Doses of X-ray were measured by luminescence dosimeters in the lifetime of one anode(20shots).Intensity distribution and pulse width(FWHM)of X-ray […]

Analysis of Inherent Scattering Based on MCNP5 for Profile Gauge

In this paper, based on MCNP5, the simulation model of profile gauge was established and verified by the experimental data. The inherent scattering of profile gauge was analyzed. The value of inherent scattering decreases with the increase of steel plate thickness. For the thickness of 1 mm to 15 mm, the inherent scattering accounts for […]

The analysis for the radiation field around drift tube in the machine hall on a 3-MeV electron irradiation accelerator

Background: With the extensive application of industrial irradiation accelerator, more and more people get involved in this field. It is necessary to know the whole radiation distribution in accelerator room for the consideration of the human radiation safety. Purpose: In order to acquire qualitative knowledge for radiation distribution in machine hall, quantitatively calculation of the […]