Mao Zedong Thoughts on Culture Construction and Its Contemporary Value——Textual Interpretation of New Democracy

New Democracy, which elaborates culture and cultural construction thoughts of New Democracy, is the work for the foundation of Mao Zedong Thoughts system. In the important works such as New Democracy and so on, Mao Zedong inherited the cultural ideas of the classic authors of Marxism, explained the related theories of cultural construction about Chinese […]

The Poems of Mao Zedong University of California Press 1 edition Mao Zedong

Mao Zedong, leader of the revolution and absolute chairman of the People’s Republic of China, was also a calligrapher and a poet of extraordinary grace and eloquent simplicity. The poems in this beautiful edition (from the 1963 Beijing edition), translated and introduced by Willis Barnstone, are expressions of decades of struggle, the painful loss of […]