The precision of INA bearing is measured and adjusted

Liquid press form pieces of large size with their and weight serious, cast, forge, cut, process, assemble of different process conditions to restrain from, so the intersection of press and working precision of itself process, come on, guarantee by itself by machinery totally while being impossible, and must reach several precision indexes of its through […]

Application of the glue roller core axle sleeve of the drawing frame

Through an analysis of drawing frame mechanical wave, think that leads to the fact it is the main reason that the mechanical wave emerges that the leather roller beats or moves about because it is abraded that the leather roller lacks the oil or axle head centre bore. Test and popularize new and a leather […]

Improvement of the lubricated way of main shaft bearing of heat sawing machine

It is the special main excellent material workshop of steel factory of Laigang, its sawing machine of heat, as the key equipment of the round steel of hot rolling that China rolls the workshop. Because the heat sawing machine fault rate is high, become the bottleneck restricting steeling rolling and producing. First, proposition of question […]

How to deal with NSK and import the bearing correctly

Because the high-accuracy machine component of rolling bearing, the treatment that must be corresponding. Even the use of the high-quality NSK bearing, if has not dealt carefully with, the benefit of its expectancy, can not realize. Main precautionary measures, should observe as follows: Keep NSK importing the cleaning of bearing and surrounding area Dust and […]

Various categorised introductions to the steel

The steel is the alloy taking iron, carbon as principal ingredients, its carbon content is generally less than 2.11%. The steel is the extremely important metallic material in the economic construction. The steel is divided as carbon steel according to chemical composition ‘ Abbreviated as the carbon steel With alloy steel two big classes. The […]

Influence on forging organization and characteristic of raw material

Raw material on it forge it use to ingot, last material, not last material and be last base. And it is the formative semifinished material after roll, is pushed and forged and processedding of ingot to roll the material, crowd the material and forge the base separately. For casting spindles, the intersection of furnace charge […]

Technological tendency analysis of user’s bearing of basic shaft of the lathe

Now nowadays, to support high-efficient demand of lathe of production system to take, complicate, develop highly market. The antifriction bearing, as the rotating part of the lathe, it is a negligible ring, characteristic of its direct influence lathe of characteristic. Development tendency of the lathe The lathe is being transformed into several great directions at […]

Stainless steel characteristic and organization

The present known chemical element has 100 multi-type, about 20 multi-type of chemical element that can meet in the commonly used steel material in industry. As to people in corrode phenomenon make practice of long-term struggle formative the intersection of stainless steel and this special steel series, there are more than ten kinds of most […]

Heat treatment process of the bearing steel

The bearing steels all roll the bearing steel, have high compression strength and fatigue limit, high hardness, high wearability and certain toughness, the hardenability is good, tight to sulphur and phosphorus control pole, it is a kind of advanced high-quality steel. Most bearing steel that use have the makings of importing in Japan, adopt whom […]

Assembly technical requirement for the drive motor

1,Bring the assembly of the actuator mechanism Tape drive to around bring, fit two piece wheeled tightly, utilize the belt conveyer and bring frictional force between the wheels to transmit dynamically, the commonly used ones include two kinds of peaceful tape drive of triangular tape drive, explain triangular tape drive mainly. The trigonometry is brought […]