Current Status and Trend of Offshore-fishing Boat Lubricating Oil

Numerous offshore-fishing boats are engaged in fishing operations in China, but its lubricating oil quality is at low level. The mainstream quality grade of offshore-fishing boat lubricating oil is CD in the market, and the physicochemical tar-gets of different company products are up to standard, the total base numbers are al greater than 7. 0 […]

Analytical and Practical Lubricating Oil Inspection Method

Lubricating oil has a good lubrication effect for prolonging the service life of mechanical components.This is mainly because the mechanical moving parts or gears are constantly running and working during the operation of the machine.If no lubricating oil is used, the mechanical moving parts are used.Or gears will wear and rust, which will affect its […]

Effect of Lubricating Oil on Size Distribution and Morphology of Diesel Particles

In this paper, the effect of lubricating oil on size distribution, morphology of diesel engines has been investigated by experimental method. Transmission electronic microscopy technique was used to character the morphology of diesel particles, while size distribution and number concentration was measured by fast particulate spectrum. Results show that oil increases the diameter of primary […]

Understand main physical property and basic index of the lubricating oil

1 The flow properties of the lubricating oil: Degree of viscosity, viscosity index, pour point and condensation point 1,The degree of viscosity Viscosity: As the lubricating oil is affected by external force and relative movement takes place, resistance emerges among oil molecules, make the lubricating oil unable to flow smoothly, the magnitude of its resistance […]

Is SKF bearing lubricating grease 3 rotten inspection methods

Drip several drops of oil in straining the test paper, fetch a clean red and strain the test paper. After treating the seepage of lubricating oil, if appearance has black powder, touch and hinder astringent senses with hands, prove the impurity has been already numerous inside the lubricating oil, the good lubricating oil has no […]

Discuss simply: Rough classification of lubricating oil of bearing of the brick machine

The lubricating oil of bearing of brick machine can be roughly divided into lithium base and calcium base two big classes The lubricating oil of bearing can be roughly divided into lithium base and calcium base two big classes. Calcium base lubricating grease —-Made of fat of animals and plants and lime calcium soap thick […]

Reason analysis and processing measure of the bearing with high temperature

This text has analyzed the boiler of thermal power plant rotates several kinds of high reasons of the apparatus bearing temperature, and put forward the corresponding prevention processing measure. The bearing temperature rotates the apparatus common and endangering greater trouble and reducing the service life of the bearing high, increase and overhaul the expenses, when […]

Dissect: Handle the key technology craft on the surface of the bearing

1. Main raw materials: Exceed boron alkane polymer resin of the macromolecule polyester card; Two molybdenum sulfide of nanometer; Antirust and suck the oil and receive Mikki group; Body of mixture nanometer powder such as the micro- politef. The above-mentioned raw materials are all develop independently by me and can be produced in a small […]

Characteristic and application of the main shaft bearing oil

The main shaft bearing oil is the specialized lubricating oil of precision machine tool and similar apparatus main shaft bearing, it is to guaranteeing working precision and service ability of the main shaft, lengthening its service life plays a very important role, also called the bearing oil. Its main performance: 1,Appropriate viscosity and good one […]