Research on Starting Process and Influencing Factors of Internal Combustion Engine and Gas Turbine

This paper focuses on the starting process and corresponding characteristics of internal combustion engine and gas turbine,and compares them and draws a conclusion. The two type of heat engine needs to start under the action of external force. During the starting process, we need to overcome the resistance torque, and at the same time, we […]

Evaluation of calcium carbonate scale inhibition capability of PBTCA and HEDP under low temperature conditions

By static experiments,the calcium carbonate scale inhibition capability of PBTCA and HEDP under low temperature conditions(at 2-15 ℃) has been investigated. The results show that PBTCA and HEDP have good scale inhibition capability for calcium carbonate at 2-15 ℃. The initial Ca2+ and alkalinity have comparatively great influence on the scale inhibition capability of PBTCA […]

Statistical Analysis on Distribution of Natural Low Temperature in China

Objective To provide some guidance for equipment design and maintenance in low-temperature servicing areas in China. Methods Consecutive years of low-temperature data in 125 meteorological stations of plateau and northern China was collected to for statistical analysis. Referring to the US military standard MIL-STD-810G and the UK defense standard DEF STAN 00-35, and combining with […]


In a zinc hydrometallurgy factory a new type of organic agent was studied in addition to production practice methods of purification of cobalt. Through experimental research and production practice it was shown that compared to removal of cobalt by traditional antimony salt method this method has the advantages of low purification control temperature( 75 ~ […]

Simulating Research of the Nitrogen Temperature Control in the Safety Injection System

For the safety injection system(RIS),boric acid solution which covered by pressured nitrogen in the boron injection tank would crystallized while the temperature of the nitrogen was too low. So how to control the temperature of the nitrogen is very important for the safety operation of the RIS. In this paper,the RIS of A nuclear power […]

Preliminary Discussion on Elevator Coating Using Energy-saving and Emission-reduction Techniques

As the elevator coating process is one complicated process, amounts of energy resources such as water, electricity and natural gas are consumed. Its energy consumption has a significant impact on the energy consumption and production costs of the entire enterprise.It is of great significance to study advanced and practical coating energy-saving technology to promote energy […]