Measuring of Geometric Angle on Twist Drill Based on LabVIEW Software

Abstract´╝Ü Geometric parameter measuring of twist drill is a necessary means to detect the results of grinding. In this paper, after considering the accuracy of measuring, efficiency and economy, the camera and computer are employed to make the pretreatment, edge detection and image measurement for the image of twist drill by means of development environment […]

Design of aeroengine gas path fault analysis system based on LabVIEW

Aiming at problem of how to monitor the fault of aeroengine gas path under the condition where electrostatic signal of charged particles in aeroengine gas path is weak,and harsh working environment of the sensor,a monitoring model which can adapt to high temperature,high noise and is sensitive to charge signal is designed. The LabVIEW software is […]

Application of the fictitious instrument in the magnetic bearing numerical control

Summary: This text has introduced the concrete application of the fictitious instrument technology in the magnetic bearing digital control system. To the characteristic of the magnetic bearing digital control system, adopt USB-9100 multi-functional USB data to gather module and fictitious instrument and develop the system LabVIEW and match, make complicated design of control system and […]