Innovative English Teaching Practice in the Age of Internet

Generally speaking, the second class of English learning in China has not been well utilized. Even if there are some relevant activities, most are just showy and insubstantial, not focusing on individual learning. Nowadays, in the age of Internet, English learning should, no doubt, be closely connected to Internet. The article focuses on the teaching […]

Intelligent Water Heater System Based on “Internet +”

The tracking collector is combined with the network intelligent control technology to design a widely used intelligent solar water heating system to solve the problem of low heat collection efficiency and intelligent level of the solar water heating system.The mechanical part of the system is designed by single-axis sun tracking device.The core of the heat […]

Trademark Coexistence Rules in the Information Age

Internet has not changed the rationale behind the trademark coexistence,trademarks can continue coexisting in the cyberspace.The application of non-confusion principle shall be different in contractual trademark coexistence and non-contractual trademark coexistence.The markets of the coexistent trademarks shall be segregated from each other to avoid invasion of the others’territory.The mere registration of domain name does not […]

Discussion on Internet Plus Connotation

“lnternet plus” is a hot social concern and topic. Based on discussing the inner meaning of“internet plus”, understanding the concept of the internet, discussing what to plus and how to plus, and comparing differences among internet plus/plus internet/lndustry 4. 0/lndustrial internet, this paper try to il ustrate understand the connotation of the internet plus.

Analysis on the development of sharing economy in the Internet Age

The sharing economy is an important part of China’s current economic system. In recent years, under the background of rapid Internet development, the development of China’s sharing economy is also very rapid. The sharing economy has won widespread public support for itself based on its own unique characteristics. The development of the sharing economy is […]

The Ideological Security Governance in Youth Public Sphere under the Condition of Internet

The public sphere is the space of public opinion where people participate in and discuss public affairs freely in their private identity,and it has obvious ideological attributes.As a new form of public sphere development in the information age,the irrational dissemination of non-mainstream ideology in the network public sphere makes it the main battlefield for ideological […]

Information Gathering Technology Based on Internet

Intelligence collection involves the activities of targeted and conditional collection and application of accumulated scientific and technological intelligence materials performed by intelligence agencies and intelligence personnel in accordance with the requirements of gathering,sorting and intelligence resources needs through various methods.Information gathering process is the basis of science and technology intelligence.Information collection channels generally include newspapers […]

Analysis on the present situation and development trend of cloud computing technology

With the development of science and technology and the rapid popularization of the Internet, cloud computing technology in China has also made some achievements, but there are some defects in the development of technology and business model. This paper expounds the development process of cloud computing technology, analyzes the present situation of the development of […]

Construction of Course Group Model for Chemistry Teacher Education under the Background of Internet

This research aimed to cultivate chemistry normal students in the new era,this study took the core elements and teaching system of teaching ability of chemistry teachers as the starting point,and constructed the education course groups which took the teaching theory,teaching skills,teaching research and teaching practice as the four cornerstones for chemistry teachers.With the help of […]