Low in noise to seal and import the bearing and use lubricating grease

1.Import bearing lubricating grease with common low in noise electrical machinery In importing the bearing trade, the application amount of this kind of lubricating grease is the greatest, 70% accounting for and always using lipoprotein quantity. Because the lubricating grease select the intersection of fiber and soft apt the intersection of lithium and soap that […]

Import using attentive matters of the bearing, avoid five kinds of invalid methods

Use attentive matters Rolling bearing enable accurate part, therefore demand to hold a cautious attitude while using accordingly, have changed and used the high-performance imported bearing, if improperly use, can’t reach the anticipated performance result either, so, it should pay attention to the following items to make to use the bearing: Keep the cleaning of […]

TIMKEN imports the maintenance of the bearing and maintains the detailed step to prove

In order to make TIMKEN import the bearing to give full play to and keep its due performance for a long time, must do a good job of schedule maintenance to maintain conscientiously fixed inspection . Check regularly through a appropriate one, make sure, find trouble in early days, accident of preventing from on right, […]

Import the main function of the bearing in schedule maintenance

1,Import the bearing and keep fit: In order to keep importing the original performance of the bearing with the good state as for a long time as possible, must keep fit, overhaul, in order to defend the accident already becoming a fact, the ones that guaranteed to operate are firm, progressing and consuming, economy. Had […]

KOYO imports the common quality defect after heat treatment of the part of the bearing

The common quality defect is as follows, that KOYO imports the part of the bearing after heat treatment Quench, organize overheated, owe hot, quench crackle while being micro-, hardness enough for and the intersection of heat treatment and modification, surface take off carbon, a bit softer. 1. Overheated Import whom bearing can observe after quenching […]

Teach you how to lubricate the characteristic which maintain NTN bearing normal running

We find while monitoring in producing for a long time state, the rolling bearing demonstrates very strong regularity while it uses, and repetitiveness is very good. Normal high-quality imported bearing rolling bearing While beginning to use, vibration and noise are smaller, but frequency spectrum is a bit in disorder, the amplitude is relatively small, it […]

SKF should pay attention to the following four points emphatically while choosing to cooperate while importing the bearing

SKF it imports function that bearings cooperates to be to make to enclose and rotate enclose respectively and resting part the intersection of bearing and flat usually to install position stationary bearing With rotating some usually the axle The consolidation together, thus realize that transmits the load and limits the basic task relative to position […]

Measure SKF and import the radial backlash attentive matters of the bearing

1,Adopt the specialized instrument to measure the law as much as possible; 2,Adopt hands to push away in France and measure to require measurers to have higher measurement skills. This law measures the error relatively largely, especially when the backlash is in the edge state, it is apt to cause the error, at this moment, […]

Cause FAG to import the reason why the bearing generates heat and maintain the method briefly

FAG imports the bearing to install crookedly, will cause balls not to roll in the correct position of one to roll in the bearing, even seat circle and circle of other seat block the axial force of the platform in causing the larger ball terminal surface and FAG to import the bearing seat, it is […]

Committed step that SKF imports the bearing and checks regularly

It is very important that the ones that keep SKF and import the bearing and lubricate are clean. Need the surface of the clean machine first before checking, then dismantled the part of the peripheral bearing. Oil seal fragile part very, take careful dismantlement, make sure not excessive application of force, then checking oil seal […]