Deep ditch ball bearing 6819ZZ 618192Z

Domestic deep ditch ball bearing 6819ZZ 61819-2Z Detailed information It makes a deal of 0 Appraise 0 Order the explanation Have already selected 0 sets / 0.00 yuan Brand QDRJ Type Domestic deep ditch ball bearing 6819ZZ 61819-2Z a thousand kinds of thin wall bearings Process and customize Yes Standard component Standard component Sample or […]


The bearing of the rolling mill, used in metallurgy, the bearing that uses on the roll neck, cylinder of mining and other rolling mill frameworks. The sub bearing bear the radial load to usually adopt the cylinder to roll, the deep ditch ball bearing or angle is exposed to the ball bearing, or radial and […]

The producer HRB angle contacts the bearing 7014AC bearing

The name of product: The producer supplies HRB angle and contacts the bearing 7014AC bearing New type: 7014AC old type: 46114 internal diameters: 70( mm) External diameter: 110( mm) Weight: 0.660( kg) Bearing material: High-carbon chromium bearing steel (quench completely type completely) (GCr15) Use: Main shaft of the lathe Type: The angle contacts the ball […]

Bearing of cigarette shop. Bearing network of cigarette shop. Bearing factory of cigarette shop. Bearing manufacturing company of cigarette shop

Transfer heart roll sub bearing have two roll son, bear the intersection of radial and load mainly, at the same time can bear axial load of direction any. Have high loaded ability of radial, work under especially suitable for heavily loadedly or shaking the load, but can’t bear the purely axial load. This kind of […]

Harbin HRB bearing

30222 bearings mainly bear the foot-path relying mainly on radial, axial union load. The bearing bearing capacity depends on the rolling in an angling of the outer lane, the greater the angle is, the greater the bearing capacity is. This kind of bearing belongs to the separating bearing, according to rolling in the bearing id […]