Fault Line Selection Method Based on Optimized Bistable Denoising for Non-solid-earthed Network

To solve the problems that it is difficult to extract fault features in strong noise background and fault conditions randomly occur when signal phase ground faults occur in non-solid-earthed network, we proposed a fault line selection method based on optimized bistable denoising for non-solid-earthed network. Firstly, based on the analysis of the influence of noise […]

Optimization of Energy Saving Turbolator Based on BP Neural Network and GA Algorithm

A turbolator is installed in front of bend for diminishing the strength of secondary flow and reducing the energy loss of elbow. The energy – saving effect of turbolator with different structure parameters were simulated with CFD software. The L9 (33) -orthogonal experiments and fore complementary experiments were chosen as the trained samples of Back […]

The application of improved Elman neural network in OPR

Based on the application of the oxidation reduction potential (ORP) in gold ore actual development,this paper put forward a method combining neural network and genetic algorithm to build a forecasting model.Neural network using a dynamic feedback OHF Elman network,gave full play to the advantages of its dynamic prediction and approximating any nonlinear function features.At the […]

Multi-objective and Dynamic Scheduling of Battlefield Rush-repair Tasks Based on Non-ergodicity

In the offensive operation, equipment is constantly damaged, but the battlefield rush-repair time and power are limited. The dynamic scheduling of battlefield rush-repair tasks in the offensive opera- tion is studied. A multi-objective and dynamic scheduling of battlefield rush-repair tasks based on non-er- godicity, which is a real military problem, is presented. A mathematical model […]

Concentrate Grade Prediction of Gold Ore Based on GA-BP Neural Network

Two prediction models for concentrate grade of gold mine were established respectively by using BP neural network and GA-BP neural network method on the basis of investigation in actual production. 978 groups of data were gathered from actual production, from which the 770 groups was selected for establishing the models, among which 120 groups was […]

Recommendation system based on fuzzy ontology and genetic algorithm

Aiming at the inaccuracy, inconsistency, and non-generalization of text and network data that portray educators and learners’ book preferences in digital libraries, a recommendation system framework based on fuzzy ontology and genetic algorithms was proposed. Fuzzy logic was introduced into the domain ontology to process the fuzzy information in the field of books, and the […]

Improved correction methods of aircraft engine fan speed based on similarity theory

One improved correction method of aircraft engines fan speed by variable in- dex factor was proposed based on the similarity theory. The cruise data of an aircraft engine from different airlines were collected to build the data sample. Method of support vector re- gression machine was used to establish the model of index factor and […]

Application of the Modified Response Surface Method to Reliability Optimization Design of Gun Barrel

For a certain kind of gun barrel, a modified response surface method to study the reliability optimization design is proposed. To combine Genetic algorithm (GA) and Gauss-Newton method (GNM) is used to acquire the optimal solutions of the model parameters. Firstly, GA is used to solve the initial values of the model parameters. Secondly, GNM […]

Synthetical optimization design of rotor airfoil by genetic algorithm

According to the flight characteristics of helicopter and working environments of rotor,agroup of airfoil design states,objective functions and constraint conditions suitable to the medium utility helicopter were proposed.The airfoil optimization was accomplished at multi-objective,multi-state and multi-constrain based on the classical rotor airfoil SC1095 used in"black hawk"helicopter(UH-60A)by genetic algorithm.The optimized rotor airfoil had larger camber and […]

Mission Scheduling for On-orbit Spacecraft Refueling with Optimized Fuel Consumption during Orbital Maneuver

Mission scheduling of on-orbit refueling for multiple geostationary spacecraft based on propellant depot was studied.First,a mathematic model of the mission scheduling was established by taking the orbit transfer propellant consumption as the optimization target,while time and fuel as the constraints.In the model,the mission scheduling of on-orbit refueling was converted into the in-teger programming problem by […]