Analysis of gas-solid heat transfer performance in vertically-arranged sinter coolers

In order to analyze the gas-solid heat transfer performance in vertically-arranged sinter coolers, a one-dimensional steady-state model was established to evaluate the gas-solid heat transfer in a sinter bed. The amounts of energy and exergy recovered were used as the criteria to compare the waste heat recovery ability under different operating Conditions. The model was […]

Influence of operation parameters on thermal characteristics of roasting shaft furnace for direct extracting vanadium

Based on the local thermodynamic non-equilibrium model, the three-dimensional stable-state gas-solid heat transfer model of roasting shaft furnace for compact extracting vanadium was established. By virtue of user-defined functions in Fluent, the chemical reaction heat was defined within the solid energy equation in the form of heat source, and the air resistance coefficients in the […]

Study on key problems of vertical tank for sinter waste heat recovery

In view of the drawbacks of traditional sintering waste heat recovery system,such as higher air leakage rate,lower waste heat recovery rate,and so on,the structure and craft process of waste heat recovery and utilization for sinter in vertical tank are proposed by imitating the structure and process of coke dry quenching furnace. The basic features of […]

Numerical simulation and exhaust gas temperature regulatory in the heat transfer process of sinter cooling machine

Based on FLUENT simulation software, adopting the porous media model to simulate the sinter cooling process, the effects of sinter characteristic parameters, such as equivalent diameter and bed porosity, and the cool- ing process parameters, such as bed thickness, sinter temperature, cooling medium flow rate and cooling medium temperature on the temperature of exhaust gas […]