Study on transient beam loading compensation for China ADS proton linac injector II

Significant transient beam loading effects were observed during beam commissioning tests of prototype II of the injector for the accelerator driven sub-critical (ADS) system, which took place at the Institute of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, between October and December 2014. During these tests experiments were performed with continuous wave (CW) operation of the […]

Research on the Real-Time Phase Jump Process Method for Plasma Electron Density Measurement in HL-2A Tokamak

In the real-time plasma electron density measurement using far infrared (FIR) laser interferometry, the plasma electron density can be calculated by measuring the real time phase difference between the reference signal and the probe signal. A novel Real-time Phase Jump Process (RPJP) method is applied to the HL-2A tokamak. With this method, the phase difference […]

Design of High-speed Data Acquisition System Based on DRS4 Waveform Digitization

The high sampling rate ,multi‐parameter measurement ,long distance trans‐mission and so on are required in some particle physics experiments .In order to meet these requirements ,a high‐speed data acquisition system based on DRS4 waveform digi‐tization was designed .The system consists of waveform digitalization front‐end circuit , high‐speed data transmission circuit and upper computer software . […]

High-Speed Implementation of an Anisotropic Diffusion-Based ImageEnhancement Algorithm Based on FPGA

In view of the problem that the Perona-Malik model image enhancement algorithm can not satisfy the real-time requirement when it was implemented on the computer,a hardware acceleration structure of improved Perona-Malik model image enhancement algorithm is designed based on FPGA.First,the hardware acceleration structure uses row cache to cache some images;Meanwhile,extracting the parameter look-up table and […]

A real-time online data acquisition system for Dragon-I linear induction accelerator

An extensible high-speed accelerator data acquisition system (ADAS) for the Dragon-I linear induction accelerator has been developed. It comprises a VXI crate, a controller, four data acquisition plug-ins, and a host computer. A digital compensation algorithm is used to compensate for the distortion of high-speed signals arising from long-distance transmission. Compared with the traditional oscilloscope […]

Design of Integrative GNC Computer Based on DSP+FPGA

With the development of miniature missile, this article designed a integrative computer based on DSP processor as algorithm operating chip and a FPGA as peripheral interface for input/output, which can achieve strap–down inertial guidance based on MEMS and semi active laser guidance, It can also control electro mechanical actuator by PWM; this article gives an […]

Design of current feedback system for J-TEXT DRMP AC power based on digital peak value detection

A digital peak detection circuit based on FPG A is designed on J-TEXT tokamak. By using this circuit, the signal of the load current is sampled by an analog-to-digital(AD) converter, and then filtered by a FIR digital filter. The peak value of each semi sinusoidal period is picked by using peak detection algorithm, and finally, […]

FPGA-based α/γ pulse shape discrimination for BaF2 detector using 2-GSPS fast waveform sampling

Four FPGA-based α/γ pulse shape discrimination algorithms for BaF<sub>2</sub> detector are investigated and compared in this paper. A 2-GSPS fast waveform sampling board based on DRS4 chip is employed to sample the pulses. The test results with a <sup>22</sup>Na γ-source and the natural radioactivity of BaF<sub>2</sub> show good discrimination performance of the algorithms, with false […]

Design and Implementation of Remote Data Interface Unit under IMA Architecture

The remote data interface unit(RDIU) has evolved into an important part of an integrated modular avionics system. This paper analyzes the performance requirements of RDIU for the avionics system under distributed IMA architecture,and proposes an RDIU design method based on PowerPC + FPGA architecture. Through this design,it is not only possible to integrate multiple I/O […]

The Application of UVM on Nuclear Advanced Safety Platform of Instrumentation and Control

As high reliability and safety is required by DIC systems of NPP, adequate testing and validation is essential.To promote the development of FPGA technology in nuclear power industry, a widely recognized FPGA verification method is critical.However, current international standards and research reports, like IEC 62566 and NUREG/CR-7006, which have demonstrated the development life circle of […]