Carrying capacity analysis of the spherical plain bearing

A model of the spherical plain bearings under static load stress field is developer based on APDL of ANSYS software. In the finite element model, the spindle and house components of the bearing are instead of a rigid surface. The stress distributions of bearing under different load are carried out, then the ultimate loading capacity […]

Parameter Optimization of Single-stage Reluctance Coil Launcher Based on Orthogonal Experiment

Orthogonal test method and simulation analysis are combined organically for the purposes of reducing the work of simulation experiment in single-stage reluctance coil launcher simulation. A small number of combinations with a balanced representation of all experiments can be used in orthogonal ex- periment. Orthogonal experiments are used to design driving coil parameter optimization simulation […]

Optimization of high power HTS wind turbine generator based on 2D finite element transient analysis

Renewable power, such as wind power, has been pay high attention and developed with the depletion of fossil and the increase deterioration of environment. Because of the rich of wind resources in offshore and high cost of installation and maintenance, high power wind turbine is under the attention of many country and researchers. In order […]

Simulation of Fatigue Life of a V Diesel Engine Crankshaft

In order to make the life prediction of the crankshaft strength and fatigue life when the maximum explosion pressure of a V diesel engine change from 15.5 MPa to 16.5 MPa. First we establish the dynamics model of engine in the ADAMS/engine based on engine model and parameters, and obtain the load time history data […]