Random vibration and fatigue analysis of off-axis reflective optical system structures

In order to research the performance of off-axis reflective optical system against the dynamic environment,the random vibration and fatigue analysis is presented.The finite element model of optical system structures is established and its modal analysis is performed by the finite element software MSC/Patran.The boundary conditions are used as the connecting hole of the base frame […]

Finite element analysis of rear axle housing of high-power tractor

In order to study the reliability of rear axle housing, the finite element analysis of rear axle housing is carried out. Modal analysis and modal experiment are carried out to analyze the dynamic performance of the rear axle housing and to veify the correctness of the finite element model. The static analysis of the rear […]

Finite Element Analysis of Flexural Performance of Stainless Steel Core Plate Beams

The stainless steel core plate beams was a new sandwich structure consisting of a panel and a core.The core was composed of thin-walled round tubes arranged at a certain distance,and the panel and the core were clamped with copper brazing. Using nonlinear finite element analysis method, the buckling mode,deformation process,load-vertical displacement curve of the new […]

Fatigue Analysis of Crankshaft-connecting Rod Mechanism for a In-line Six-cylinder Diesel Engine

Taking the crankshaft and connecting rod mechanism in a six-cylinder engine as a object, the paper carried out the fatigue analysis by using multi-body dynamics and finite element analysis software, and obtained the dynamic stress o state and fatigue safety factor. The results shows that the method in this paper is available to the engine […]

Research on the Practice of Precision Armor Warhead

The precision sunder armor warhead is within a small space to realize larger the important technical way to power. It has been widely used in the warhead,its key technologies include medicine cover type,molding charge and warhead design. This paper discusses the author in the precision design and economy get some experience of the combination of […]

Simulation optimization analysis on demolding process in columnar near net forming for energetic materials

Near net forming process is one of the main forming methods of energetic materials. However,after the raw material is formed by the near net forming process,the demolding process needs to be studied in order to ensure that the punch is evenly stressed and the demolding process is smooth during the demolding process. Therefore,a columnar near […]

Finite Element Analysis and Optimization of Static Strength of Diesel Engine Crankshaft

To analyze the safety and reliability of a six – cylinder diesel engine crankshaft, a three – di- mensional crankshaft model was built, then analyzed the stress by finite element method, and optimized crank- shaft based on the result. First, the HyperMesh and Abaqus was used to establish the meshing model and calcu- late the […]

Heat Transfer and Stress/Strain Analysis of PWR RPV Lower Head under IVR-ERVC

Taking a 1000 MW PWR as an example, a two-dimensional polar coordinate thermal model was used to analyze the coupling heat transfer among the wall surface of RPV, the two-layer melting core pool and the outer water chamber. The transient 2 D temperature and ablation of the bottom head wall surface were calculated. At the […]

Influence of temperature load on structural integrity of propellant grains

To investigate the influence of temperature load on grain structure integrity of solid propellants,the numerical simulation under certain temperature load conditions were carried out by means of Abaqus.The temperature and stress field of the grain was obtained,and the safety factors of the high-risk parts were evaluated.The temperature balance tests were carried out as well,which were […]

Experimental study on flexural performance of circular thin walled concrete filled steel tube

In order to further study and discuss the influence of the ratio of length to diameter,the coefficient of hoop and the eccentricity on the flexural performance of the circular thin-walled concrete filled steel tube,a certain scale and number of components are selected.Through the test of mechanical properties and the finite element software ABAQUS,the failure modes,stiffness […]