Experimental Research on the Ground Thermodynamic Vent System

To conduct in-depth study on the performance of tank pressure control and the ability of heat leakage removing, an experimental rig was built to research the performance of thermodynamic vent system (TVS) with the simulant fluid of R123. The experimental research under three operation modes of tank pressurization, mixing injection depressurization and throttling refrigeration were […]

Testing and choosing of refrigerating fluids in heat pump system of heat-source tower

By selecting suitable refrigerating fluids , the experimental efforts are executed to ensure the heat source tower efficient and stable running in Tianjin for heat source tower heat pump system. The comparison with five kinds of refrigerating fluids (calcium chloride, ethylene glycol, propylene glycol, glycerin and propylene carbonate, respectively) were investigated. Several physical properties of […]

Experimental Research of Bar Clasp Connecting Sealing Performance

In order to optimize the bar clasp connecting design parameter and improve its sealing performance,using worm-gear bar clasp and hose steel pipe connecting,experimental research of pull out force,reliability development test and multifactor mixed level dynamic sealing performance based on design of experiments were put forward,and the best combination of parameters was obtained.The results indicates that […]

Mechanical Modeling and Analysis for Hyperelastic Hinge in a Triangular Prism Deployable Mast

Based on Timoshenko and Gere buckling theories and classic Euler beam buckling theory,two different theoretical models are established to analyze the stability of deployment status for the multi-layer equal tape-spring hinge.Twelve different single-layer and double-layer equal tape-spring hinges are tested. The relative errors of the folded peak moment between theoretical results and experimental results are […]

Experimental Study on the Effect of the Volute and Blade Profile on the Performance of a Multi-blade Centrifugal Fan

The effect of the volute and blade profile and the blade number on the performance of multi-blade centrifugalfan with a low efficiency and total pressure is investigated by an experimental method.The study results show that changingthe volute profile has a great impact on the performance of the multi-blade centrifugal fan.An optimized volute profile can notonly […]

Experimental research of heat flow distribution in heavy-duty common-rail diesel engine at high altitude (low atmospheric pressure)

Aiming at the heat balance problem of diesel engine working under plateau environment conditions, such as increasing of heat load and decreasing of cooling capacity in cooling system, an experimental research of diesel engine heat balance under full load working condition at different altitudes (atmospheric pressure)was carried out via self-designed high altitude(low atmospheric pressure)heat balance […]

Measurement research on performance of core driven fan stage in thematching environment based on stator characteristics

In order to obtain aerodynamic performance of core driven fan stage (CDFS) matched with a highpressure compressor, a new measurement scheme was proposed to measure accurately the average flow pa.rameters of its outlet through interpolation of the aerodynamic characteristics of its stator in component envi.ronment according to the inlet flow condition of its stator in […]

Advances in Experimental Research and Clinical Application of Hibisci Mutabilis Folium

As a traditional Chinese medicine,Hibisci mutabilis folium plays an important role in the treatment of diseases.It has the effects of cooling blood,detoxification,detumescence,pain relief and so on.It is widely used in the clinical practice of Chinese medicine.This article reviews the relative research and clinical application of Hibisci mutabilis folium in order to arouse the attention of […]